Custom Ecommerce Packaging & Boxes

Every week our factories are producing custom e-commerce packaging for our clients, which means we have a wealth of experience in providing bespoke packaging boxes using this versatile and cost-effective material.

At Maxipos, we understand that packaging is the first point of contact between you and your buyers. We also understand that first impressions matter. That’s why we do everything in our power to create custom e-commerce packaging that reflects your business and leaves a lasting impression on your customers. As the online shopping industry continues to grow exponentially, there’s no better way to introduce yourself to new online customers than with bespoke e-commerce packaging.

With years of factory production experience, contacts with top manufacturers and an appreciation of elevated customer service, Maxipos creates luxury e-commerce packaging boxes that effectively communicate your brand’s identity with flair and, most importantly, ease.

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Our team has years of experience in providing quality packaging solutions for brands of all shapes and sizes and can ensure that your brand packaging stands out with our customised solutions. Whether you’re looking for something simple or a fully customised option that perfectly reflects your brand’s personality, we can help. Get in touch today. 

Custom Ecommerce Boxes Created by Maxipos

Melt London

Kraft E-Commerce Postal Shippers Set

Melt saw an increase in online orders during the pandemic and asked us to help them source a range of branded e-commerce packaging…


0427 Flexo Printed E-Commerce Shipper

Steel and Jelly contacted Maxipos because they wanted a durable and eco-friendly corrugated postal shipper for their e-commerce orders.

Stories & Ink

Perforated Edge E-Commerce Shippers

Having worked on multiple projects with the creative agency linked to Stories & Ink, Maxipos were asked to produce their e-commerce boxes…


Litho Printed E-Commerce Shipper

Azure Fashion contacted Maxipos in 2021 as they wanted help creating an E-Commerce Box which would perfectly reflect the vibrant nature of Azure Fashion.

Woke Babies

E-Commerce Shipper With Tearstrip

Woke Babies required a sturdy e-commerce shipper that would protect the books and ensure they arrived intact.


0427 E-Commerce Postal Shipper

Refreshed e-commerce shipper for Blink Brow Bar. Fully recycleble box made of Kraft material.

Annie Sloan

E-Commerce Shipper with Fitment

Maxipos always look forward to receiving a new brief from Annie Sloan and this particular project was for an 0429 postal shipper and fitment.


E-Commerce Gifting Box

Maxipos have worked with Varley on various projects, with one of the most exciting being this ‘Gifting’ E-Commerce box.


Kraft Mailer Bag

As a new brand to the market, Paynter came to Maxipos to produce their first e-commerce mailer bag.


E-Commerce Shipper With Reversible Fitment

Maxipos started to work with Sowvital when they were a  relatively new brand, helping to create e-commerce and Rigid boxes to present and ship their products.


Branded 0427 E-Commerce Shipper

Desmond & Dempsey asked us to develop an eco-friendly, premium corrugated postal shipper used to deliver online purchases from their e-commerce store.

War Paint

Flood Printed E-Commerce Shipper

As a brand War Paint like to keep things modern and contemporary so we had this in mind when producing the boxes.


Recyclable 0427 E-Commerce Shipper

In 2018 Arbonne contacted Maxipos as they were looking for a printed eco-friendly corrugated postal shipper.


FSC Mailer Envelope

Desmond & Dempsey asked us to help produce an eco-friendly mailer bag; the bag was to be used for shipping some of their online orders to consumers.

Body Bea

E-Commerce Postal Shipper

E-commerce postal shippers for BodyBea. E Flute material combined this with a printed 150gsm silk paper.

The Electric Tobacconist 

Bespoke Printed Bubble Mailers

The Electric Tobacconist came to Maxipos as a relatively small brand wanting to streamline the production and storage of their e-commerce packaging. 

Altitude Coffee

E-Commerce Shipper with Tearstrip

After an initial order in 2020, Altitude Coffee London got back in contact with Maxipos in 2022, to produce postal shippers for the flavoursome coffee to be sent in.


A4 and A5 Mailer Envelopes

The Coffee Factory wanted us to create a more bespoke packaging solution for their online consumers that would help to increase their brand visibility.

Off-the-Shelf And Luxury E-Commerce Packaging Products Available:

book wrap bespoke ecommerce packaging

Book wrap packaging

An all-in-one solution with self adhesive closure and integrated tear strip for easy opening. Easy to assemble and no void fill requirement.
envelope suppliers for ecommerce packaging

Packaging envelopes

We can supply a vast range of package envelopes including card backed, cardboard and panel wrap mailers.
suppliers of mailer boxes for ecommerce packaging

Mailer boxes

There are multiple styles available such as large letter boxes, small parcel boxes, flat boxes and economy postal boxes.
twist wrap ecommerce packaging supplier

Twist wrap packaging

Quick and simple to assemble with adjustable height and easy to open, tear off strips, they provide buffer edge protection to reduce damage.
custom ecommerce boxes

Cardboard boxes

We offer every type including single wall and double wall boxes, crash-lock boxes and postal boxes.
cardboard boxes for ecommerce packaging

Mailing bags

A wide selection of options including tear-proof, waterproof, bubble lined for protection, lightweight and tamper proof.
suppliers of ecommerce polyethane envelopes

Polythene envelopes and polybags

A quality alternative to paper or board.
printed tape for ecommerce packaging

Printed tape

We can supply various options including printed tape, polypropylene and vinyl-PVC tape as well as Duct tape and Gummed Paper tape.

Bespoke ecommerce packaging for any needs

We now have a specialist team focusing on bespoke e-commerce packaging to help our clients find solutions that meet their needs and budget. This may take the form of branded e-commerce packaging that can be designed and printed with specific artwork, or standard off-the-shelf products such as envelopes, book-wraps, mailboxes, twist-wraps and transit boxes.

Ecommerce boxes manufactured to inspire

In an overly saturated space, it can be handy to use some out of the box thinking when it comes to packaging. Our talented team is on hand to elevate your e-commerce business’s packaging with exciting custom designs that stand out from the crowd.

What makes us different from other packaging companies is our ability to unite premium quality with unique artistry. Maxipos has contacts with a wide network of designers who can assist you with everything you need, from colour choices and fonts to bespoke illustrations. All of these aesthetic touches will take your buyer’s experience to the next level. 

In this new age of online retail, it’s important to introduce your brand to new buyers as soon as possible. As your packaging partner, we’ll make it possible to transform a traditional corrugated brown box into a creatively exciting branding opportunity that attracts new customers. 

More Than Just a Pretty Package

Maxipos will make sure that your packaging doesn’t just look good on the surface. We guarantee secure packaging that feels strong, high quality and premium so that your products will stay safe during transit.

All our corrugated cardboard packaging designs have a minimum of 3 layers to protect your product from environmental damage. Our extensive catalogue of material options also includes endless customisable features including coating and adhesive options to ensure that your product is always travelling in premium style. 

From eco-friendly e-commerce packaging to envelopes and mailing bags, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials for our packaging services.

Ecommerce box
Ecommerce box with text

Standard Packaging vs Bespoke E-Commerce Packaging

Developing bespoke cardboard packaging solutions is our forte. With a team of packaging specialists that understand the e-commerce space like the back of their hand, create a tailored solution for your needs.

We have a supply base of specialist corrugated manufacturers who can cut and fold corrugate to any required design and size. Fitments and inner packaging can also be custom designed, providing cushioning and protection, as well as presenting your product in a premium way when the box is opened. 

Once the structural design has been finalized, we can suggest the best options for branding the packaging, with different printing techniques and finishing effects. 

If you don’t require tailored e-commerce packaging due to budgetary and time constraints, we offer a range of standard, off-the-shelf packaging products that provide quick and cost-effective solutions. The following products are available in a wide range of styles and sizes:

Trusted by Businesses Worldwide

We’ve been doing this for years. Our extensive portfolio of previous and current e-commerce clients is a clear indicator that Maxipos always gets the job done – and to the highest quality. 

What makes us different from other packaging companies is that we offer unmatched customer service with a satisfaction guarantee. We thrive on communication with our clients and enjoy creating bespoke packaging that celebrates a business’s identity and message. 

Maxipos has worked with all sorts of different companies over the years – from beauty businesses to luxury tour operators – we understand the different demands that every business has, and exactly how to help them. 

We go above and beyond to provide premium materials, innovative designs and exceptional customer service to all our clients. It’s no surprise that we’re trusted across the world. 

Variables to consider when choosing your ecommerce packaging

Our experience and understanding of the choices available enables us to source the most appropriate e-commerce packaging for your needs whilst protecting your product and your pocket at the same time.

Corrugated board options

Corrugated board has a minimum of 3 layers that provides cushioning and a barrier against moisture seepage. There are a multitude of board types, flute sizes, adhesives, treatments and coatings to make sure your package is safe and secure during transit. We can help you choose the optimum material for your product which is also cost effective.

Branding possibilities

Printing your company logo or message on the exterior of a package is a simple way to advertise your brand. With high-quality digital or litho print, the interior of your custom retail packaging can also be printed with a full colour visual or brand message. If your budget does not allow direct print to the box, we can provide printed sticker options to help bring the box to life and display your logo.

Tamper proofing

You may also want to consider tamper proofing the packaging, especially for high value products. This eliminates the need for tapes or labels using mechanisms that ensure your product arrives damage-free and without being intercepted.


We can also help manage your e-commerce packaging stock. If you have limited storage, we can provide stock holding at our factories or organise Just In Time agreements, enabling you to benefit from economies of scale and secure lowest prices for the contract period.


Ecommerce boxes are produced with corrugated boards for the outer sections, using either recycled material (called “Test”) or virgin material (called “Kraft”). These boards come in different gsm thicknesses, for example; 150gsm, 180gsm and 200gsm. They can be brown on both sides (K/K), white both sides (WK/WK), or a combination of the two. The boards are then mounted onto a corrugated flute material which can be single or double wall; common flutes include B flute and E flute.

All of our boxes are bespoke and made to our client’s requirements. Check out our case study here to see a few examples of what is possible!

We always provide a plain sample of the box for clients to check the style, size and materials. Once an order has been confirmed and we have the final artwork files, we then supply colour drawdowns of the relative pantone colours, printed onto small swatches of the corrugated board for final approval.

For bespoke, printed Ecommerce boxes, we would recommend allowing around 4-6 weeks depending on the style, artwork and quantity. We will of course give precise lead times, and keep you updated along the way once your order has been submitted.

For all new clients we require 100% payment up front for the first 3 orders.

We can ship anywhere in the UK and to most countries, if required. Please do give us a call to check we can accommodate if you’ve been struggling elsewhere, and we will do our best to help!

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Our minimum order quantity for most items is 1,000 units. If your required quantity is lower, provide us with your project specifications and we can see if we are able to help.