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We have been producing collapsible retail boxes for many years, but recently we have experienced a marked increase in demand. Like standard rigid boxes, collapsible boxes are a premium packaging option but they have the additional advantages of being economical to transport and require minimal storage space in-store.

We use the finest quality boards and papers together with high quality printing techniques to create luxury boxes that enhance your brand’s values. There are several different styles available with a choice of magnetic closures for a simple but premium feature, or ribbon ties to reflect the gift element of your box. High quality finishing effects such as embossing, debossing, UV lamination and foil blocking are all available to choose from.

Our aim is to produce boxes that feel as good as they look whilst ensuring the protection of the contents inside. They are also quick and easy to construct, which cuts down on assembly time too. Working with our specialist manufacturers in China, we can develop bespoke collapsible boxes that will have the visual impact and practical qualities that you need.