Stories & Ink – Perforated Edge E-Commerce Shipper

Stories & Ink are a specialist skincare company who tailor their products to skin that has healed after being tattooed. With quality products especially formulated to help care for tattooed skin on a long-term basis they have successfully catered to a growing sector of people, who previously couldn’t find the skin care they needed.

With moisturisers, oils and serums in their range that define and protect tattooed skin for life, there is something for everyone that is inked.


Having worked on multiple projects with the creative agency linked to Stories & Ink, Maxipos were asked to produce their bespoke e-commerce boxes.

As these boxes are used to deliver their cosmetic products to consumers, they needed them to be protective, durable and easy to pack, seal, open and re-seal again in the very rare case anyone wanted to place a return.


Stories & Ink wanted the e-commerce box to have a classic and clean look, providing a contrast to the products inside.

They decided to go with a one colour print for their logo with it wrapping over the front edge and then repeating on each side. The box also includes a perforated edge along the front to fulfil the request of ease of access.