What Makes Us Different

Most of our staff have been clients in the past and they regularly experienced poor service from suppliers. Our primary focus is therefore to offer the best service we can to our clients. We try and simplify the sourcing process by making it as streamlined, efficient and enjoyable as possible. Our clients work to tight deadlines in pressurised situations, so it is our job to manage their projects with care and detailed focus.

With large-scale and often complex projects that can last months from initial brief to final delivery, it is the little things that make the difference between success and failure: answering emails within an hour where possible, providing pricing on time, not charging for plain samples and being precise in all forms of communication. It amazes us how a lot of suppliers don’t get this right; we believe this is what sets us apart.

Our model is relatively simple: we use the best factories for production in terms of quality, reliability and pricing, and we manage the whole process, acting as a single point of contact for our clients, making sure they receive the best service possible. We’d be lying if we said problems don’t arise, as we are making bespoke products for the first time to tight deadlines. However, when they do crop up, we see this as an opportunity to emphasise our service and our problem-solving skills.

Our Process

The range of marketing products that we source is incredibly diverse but irrespective of the product, the process that we follow remains constant. This provides peace of mind to our clients as their experience of working with Maxipos remains constant. Please take a look at our new animation to learn more about our process and how we manage our client’s projects.