Custom Pouches

As we have several leading health and beauty brands as our clients, we often get asked to source bespoke beauty pouches. A Gift With Purchase (GWP) pouch continues to be an effective promotional tool for our clients, so over the years we have developed dozens of different pouches in a wide range of styles and materials.

Once we have received a brief and drawn up the specifications of the pouch, we provide a selection of materials and colour swatches so our clients can choose the right combination before we start on initial plain samples. These are used to check the size, construction and final materials. After our client has provided the artwork for the pouch, we provide a final pre-production sample for approval before production commences. Due to the bespoke nature of the pouches that we produce, manufacture is completed in China through our reliable supply base of factories.

Please see below a small selection of some of the pouches we have produced for our clients.

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Our team has years of experience in providing quality packaging solutions for brands of all shapes and sizes and can ensure that your brand packaging stands out with our customised solutions. Whether you’re looking for something simple or a fully customised option that perfectly reflects your brand’s personality, we can help. Get in touch today. 

Our Range of Bespoke Pouches:


Sateen Cosmetic Pouch

Having completed the NARS Advent Calendar and Christmas Gift Box, we were thrilled to also be asked to help them produce some classic zip pouches in a sateen material.


Recycled Silicone Wash Bag

FaceGym contacted Maxipos in 2019 as they wanted to develop an environmentally friendly, sporty and modern pouch to house their cosmetics.


Nylon Mesh Pouch

In 2021 Rodial brought one of their existing branded merchandise pouches to Maxipos to see if we could re-produce the exact same mesh pouch for a lower price.

Philip Kingsley

Velvet Cosmetic Pouch

For Christmas 2019, Philip Kingsley required a high-end Christmas gift set pouch containing five full sized bottles of their shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments.

Mirror Water

Canvas & Net Drawstring Pouch

Maxipos have worked with Mirror Water on a few different sustainable products including this canvas drawstring pouch and their Rigid Mycelium Box


Wrap Around Zip Faux Leather Bag

In 2021 Rodial contacted Maxipos as they wanted to create a premium makeup bag to house their products. 


Small Linen Pouch

Maxipos and L’Occitane have worked together since 2008, and we have completed over 200 projects across a wide range of promotional items and packaging products.

Ark Skincare

Cotton Canvas Pouch

Maxipos started working with ARK in 2018 to help them produce branded merchandise that was consistent with their contemporary but natural brand.

Balance Me

PVC Press Stud Pouch

Balance Me got in touch with Maxipos as they were looking for a new, clear plastic pouch to house a range of their mini skincare and body products to be sold as a travel kit.


Kelly Hoppen Linen Pouch

Maxipos and L’Occitane have worked together since 2008, and we have completed over 200 projects across a wide range of promotional items and packaging products.


Quilted Pouch with Gusset

Maxipos and L’Occitane have worked together since 2008, and we have completed over 200 projects across a wide range of promotional items and packaging products.

Philip Kingsley

EVA Slider Zip Pouch

Philip Kingsley approached us to find an environmentally friendly alternative to the PVC material being used to produce their travel pouches.

Options for Customising Pouches:

To ensure we are producing the custom pouch that our clients require, there are several specifications that we ask them to consider when providing a new brief



As all our pouches are made completely bespoke, we can cater to all size requests. If you don’t know the dimensions required, you can send us samples of the products that will be housed in the pouch, and we will calculate the suitable dimensions.


Consider the style and shape of the pouch required. Drawstring, flat and gusseted pouches are popular requests. 


If you can name it, or provide a benchmark swatch, we will try our best to source it! 


Custom pouches can be printed with a logo, embroidered, debossed, embossed, or have branded labels applied to one or more sides.


Consider adding an internal or external pocket for increased pouch functionality.

Embellishments and Finishes

Elevate your pouch closure method by adding magnets or poppers. Add zip pull tassels, carabiner hooks and eyelets for a premium design finish.

Zip tapes and pulls

There are numerous possibilities and combinations which will be dependent on your brand and the style of your custom pouch. Some popular choices are a standard metal zip tape and pull, or a chunky plastic zip tape with a rubber or plastic zip pull.

What Materials are used for manufacturing pouches

When receiving the initial brief from our clients, they usually have a preferred material in mind which is based on a benchmark. However, if you don’t have a specific base fabric in mind, we have a substantial range of custom pouches as well as material swatches that we can provide for reference. Examples are as follows:


One of the most commonly used fabrics, derived from the fibres surrounding the seeds of cotton plants. Due to its durable and reusable benefits, the fabric is often chosen for cosmetic pouches for promotional gifting.

Organic cotton texture

Organic Cotton

Eliminates toxic substances from the environment in which the cotton is grown and saves water and energy during production. Making ethical and sustainably conscious choices broadcasts your brand values directly.

linen texture


A flax-based textile that is spun into yarn and woven to create a natural fabric. Boasting a lovely natural colour, it is used by clients who want to emphasise their sustainable ethos.

Canvas Texture


A plain-woven fabric, usually created from cotton or linen. Due to its durable texture, it is ideal for frequent use and those custom pouches that require a studier build for housing heavier products.

Sateen Texture


One of the myriads of fabrics fashioned from cotton. With a dull sheen created by its twisted yarn threads, sateen is comparable to silk. It is chosen when clients want a luxury, soft, pouch but at a more affordable price point than satin or silk.


Refers to the complicated weft and warp weave, not the textile, and is created from either: silk, nylon, rayon, or polyester. The glossy look and feel of satin mean it is often chosen for drawstring custom pouches to hold luxurious apparel and accessories.

Velvet Texture


Refers to fabric with a dense pile created from cotton, polyester of silk thread. The threads are bunched close together to create a soft, plush material. Often used for custom Christmas promotional pouches due to the visual allure.

Nylon Fabric texture

Nylon mesh

A plastic based synthetic fibre which is made into strands with various thicknesses. Lightweight and water resistant, custom nylon pouches are great for cosmetics or toiletries.

Eva texture


A naturally stretchy polymer that produces materials that are soft, flexible and water resistant with a high transparency. A great choice for a reusable toiletry pouch.

Faux Leather

Faux/vegan Leather

Produced from PU, PVC or vegetable oils, it is a hard wearing, water-resistant fabric that can be wiped clean. Ideal for custom travel pouches or those pouches that will get repetitive daily use.

Repurposed textiles

Repurposed textiles

Recycled fabrics such as cotton, silicone or PET are produced from leftover pieces of material or post-consumer waste. This is a great option for demonstrating that your business is socially responsible.

Pouches for a wide range of industries:

As Maxipos produce completely bespoke pouch solutions, we cater to a wide range of industry sectors. Most of our enquiries come from cosmetic and beauty brands who are looking to house and showcase a selection of their products for an event, promotion, or Christmas gifting. However, we have also produced custom pouches for apparel, travel and motorsport brands and we believe that, regardless of the industry, custom pouch packaging is a great medium for any brand to promote their brand.


The MOQ is usually 1,000 units but we can investigate lower quantities if the material allows.

Lead times from China are usually 8-9 weeks from order and approval of a branded sample for production, plus 6-8 weeks shipping via sea freight. Air freight delivery will take approx. 2 weeks.

Usually, we ship to the UK so that the goods can be palletised on arrival (which saves on freight costs). However, we can usually send carton shipments to any requested address.

Usually, we ship items on a DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) basis, so that we manage the whole process – from initial brief to your products arriving at your delivery address. We can also ship under FOB terms if you would prefer to organise the shipment yourself.

Any! Just let us know your dimensions or send us your products and we will work out the sizing for you. 

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Our minimum order quantity for most items is 1,000 units. If your required quantity is lower, provide us with your project specifications and we can see if we are able to help.