Fashion Packaging

Product packaging is often the first point of contact between you and your consumer, so it is important that it is carried out correctly as your packaging is a direct reflection of your brand and the product contained inside. Maxipos have a wealth of experience working with businesses in the fashion industry, tailoring their packaging to perfectly suit their brand and image.

For instance, if your brand is environmentally conscious, then your packaging should reflect this ethos by being produced with sustainable materials or with reusability in mind. If you’re selling premium clothing items, then you would expect them to be packed inside luxurious packaging that enhances the unboxing experience. If your apparel is going to be sold in stores, then customer enticement is critical and is achieved either through innovative designs or eye-catching embellishments. Maxipos will help you consider your product presentation to best enhance your apparel. 

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Our team has years of experience in providing quality packaging solutions for brands of all shapes and sizes and can ensure that your brand packaging stands out with our customised solutions. Whether you’re looking for something simple or a fully customised option that perfectly reflects your brand’s personality, we can help. Get in touch today. 

Our Portfolio

Desmond and Dempsey

Rigid Gift Box

Maxipos and Desmond & Dempsey started working together in 2017; our first project together was an eco-friendly and premium corrugated postal shipper used to deliver online purchases from their e-commerce store. 

Beauty Pie

Rigid Shoulder Box

The box was produced using vegetable-based inks and FSC material, which was in keeping with Beauty Pie’s ethos to be environmentally conscious and have a smaller impact upon the environment whilst creating their products.


E-commerce Box

Steel and Jelly contacted Maxipos because they wanted a durable and eco-friendly corrugated postal shipper for their e-commerce orders.

Desmond and Dempsey 

Drawstring Bag

Desmond & Dempsey contacted Maxipos to produce a premium drawstring bag made from a natural fabric that could be used for online purchases that were either smaller in size, or items that were being gifted.

Cou Cou

Folding Box Board Product Carton

Maxipos were delighted to work with Cou Cou Intimates on creating the packaging for their limited-edition range of underwear, specifically to be sold in Selfridges.


E-Commerce Box

Maxipos have worked with Varley on various projects, mainly helping them progress the E-Commerce side of their business, with one of the most exciting projects being this ‘Gifting’ E-Commerce box.

Packaging Solutions for the Fashion Industry

The options for fashion packaging are wide-ranging and the most suitable option will depend on your brand aesthetic, type of apparel and whether you are looking for fashion packaging for e-commerce or retail purposes. See below for some of the options available.

How Maxipos Works with Fashion Brands

Materials available

Corrugated board material

Corrugated board

Our ecommerce boxes are produced from corrugated board that is created from fluted sheets between an outer and inner layer, and available in various thicknesses; consider e-commerce packaging when you want to ensure your apparel has the best protection during transit.

FBB material

Folding Fox Board

Lightweight, flexible folding box board (FBB) is ideal for fashion packaging that needs to be cost-effective and is going to be stored flat in a warehouse with limited storage.

Rigid grey board material

Rigid Grey Board

Thicker than folding cartons and made from rigid grey board, offering a sturdy and premium solution for displaying your products. Perfect for gifting and likely to be re-purposed after initial use

Kraft material

100% Recyclable Kraft Material

Kraft material is a great option for sustainable fashion brands, as it is durable and recyclable. Mostly we use it for mailer bags and envelopes.

Cotton or Canvas

Our drawstring pouches are usually created from cotton, canvas or matched to your product that will be housed inside.


Postal shipper for a clothing company

E-commerce Packaging – available in natural brown or white Kraft or Test (% being recycled), artwork can be printed directly onto corrugated board using a flexo print process, or mounted with litho-printed art paper for more vibrant designs

FBB product cartons

Product Cartons and Rigid Boxes – allows for high-quality litho printing and detailed artwork designs. Foiling and embossing add eye-catching enhancements, whilst a soft touch lamination will add a tactile appeal to your fashion packaging.


Mailer Bags and Envelopes – white artwork designs are striking on Kraft material and are therefore a great way to ensure your branding stands out from the crowd

Drawsting pouch for a fashion company

Drawstring Pouches – can be printed or embroidered and therefore a great option for brand visibility as they are likely to be re-used by consumers.


Adhesive tape and tear strips

For E-commerce Packaging, Mailer Bags and Envelopes we offer adhesive tape strips for easy closure and also consumer returns are available, as are tear strips for simple opening; such additions are perfect for fashion brands selling their items online as it allows for a premium opening experience for consumers.

Embossing / debossing, foiling

If you are interested in Product Cartons and rigid Boxes, then most of the customisation is achieved through the artwork design and the style and shape of the carton. All finishing options are available such as embossing/ debossing, foiling, spot UV varnishes and laminations.


And even more…

Fitments – allows the product to be easily accessible and adds to user experience.

Sizes and Shape

Box Mockup
  • E-commerce Packaging – Maxipos refer to the FEFCO’s ‘International Fibreboard Case Code Catalogue’. There are plenty of sizes and styles available, so there will be something to fit all varieties of apparel!
  • Product Cartons – As these cartons are so adaptable, there are no rules as to what style of product carton will suit your apparel best. There are numerous fashion packaging options to choose from: book-style boxes, slipcases, A-frame cartons, crackers and advent calendars. 
  • Rigid Boxes – add an element of surprise to your packaging and are great for gifts. Usually constructed as a box and lid, but other style options consist of slipcases, tubes, book jackets and advent calendars. 
  • Mailer Bags and Envelopes – often produced so that they can fit through letterboxes for customer convenience. 
  • Drawstring Pouches – made completely bespoke to the size of your product. Often used in conjunction with a rigid box for the ultimate unboxing experience.


We will always provide plain samples so that you can check the size and style of the fashion packaging; once this has been approved, we can provide either PDF proofs or printed samples (digital or litho) so you can check the colour and design of your packaging before production commences.

Yes, we can deliver to all global locations. Please let us know the delivery address when you send your initial brief and we will allow for the delivery in the costs.

We only work with suppliers from our trusted supply base who we have audited to ensure we are delivering the highest quality packaging. We regularly meet with our suppliers and have long-standing relationships with senior management to ensure our standards are met.

Yes, all our packaging is produced bespoke to our client’s requirements so we can produce your fashion packaging to any size. If you don’t know the dimensions required for your fashion packaging, you can send us samples of the apparel or accessories and we will calculate the dimensions for the packaging accordingly.

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Our minimum order quantity for most items is 1,000 units. If your required quantity is lower, provide us with your project specifications and we can see if we are able to help.