War Paint – Flood Printed E-Commerce Shipper

War Paint founder Danny Gray opened the world’s first men’s makeup store in London after he personally became aware of the void within the men’s cosmetics market.

He wanted to establish an inclusive brand which gave men a chance to explore a market that traditionally hadn’t retailed products tailored to them.


Danny hasn’t just created products but a community for men to discuss topics of mental health as well as breaking down the stigmas associated with men using makeup.

The ethos of War Paint is to give men the freedom to feel confident with their appearance every day by making products specifically created for their skin.

As a brand War Paint like to keep things modern and contemporary so we had this in mind when producing custom ecommerce boxes. It was decided to keep the outside of the shipper subtle and sleek. We used the signature colours of black to flood print the box and white to print their striking logo, with more information on their social media presence printed inside.

The boxes used FSC certified board and are also 100% recyclable to fit in with the sustainable requirements of the brand. Our main UK corrugated box factory produced an initial run of 5,000 units of each of the two sizes and since then War Paint have re-ordered the boxes three times due to their increasing online sales.