The Electric Tobacconist launched in 2013 as the 21st century version of a traditional tobacconist but for the new sector of vaping. It was their goal to offer expert advice as well as a host of e-cigarette and vaping supplies, whilst guaranteeing the classic customer satisfaction of a local store.

This ethos has resonated with a large number of customers as they have now completed over 2,000,000 orders worldwide and continue to grow.

The Electric Tobacconist came to Maxipos as a relatively small brand wanting to streamline the production and storage of their e-commerce packaging and redesign something which worked better for their growing business.

We created a selection of mailer bags to ship their range of the products, making sure that functionality was paramount as well as guaranteeing the secure delivery of any products.

During the development process it was decided to keep the design modern and sleek to reflect the brand’s identity, whilst keeping in mind the end user and their experience. We added a tear strip for ease of access and produced two bespoke sizes.

Maxipos also managed the storage and distribution of the Electric Tobacconist’s stock of mailers using one of our trusted storage partners. To date we have produced and stored hundreds of thousands of each style of mailer, all delivered to Electric Tobacconist’s warehouse when needed.



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