Paynter is an ecologically conscious fashion brand who take iconic styles of jackets and re-make them using independently sourced materials. Only four new styles of jacket are created each year by this exclusive brand and to eliminate waste each release has a finite number of jackets so Paynter only make what is ordered.

Since 2019 the brand has released 10 batches in total, each of which has sold out in under an hour (some in as little as 86 seconds) and have been worn in 41 countries across the globe.

As a new brand to the market, Paynter came to Maxipos to produce their first e-commerce mailer bag.

We worked with them to create ecommerce packaging that reflected their brand, using 250gsm FSC Kraft material that was in keeping with their ethos of sustainability and being ecologically minded.

Paynter’s quirky artwork designs are uncomplicated yet striking and by using a classic white print the mailer bag had a simple yet unique look that stood out from the crowd.

Their first order was for 1,200 units and since then multiple orders have been made for different sizes.



250gsm FSC Kraft

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