Desmond & Dempsey – Branded 0427 E-Commerce Shipper

Growing up on opposite sides of the world, Molly and Joel met in Canada before starting the Desmond & Dempsey range of high quality nightwear. The brand was born out of Molly’s love for wearing Joel’s shirts which inspired them to create a womenswear nightwear brand that takes inspiration from a man’s shirt.

Inspired by lazy Sunday mornings, Desmond & Dempsey seamlessly combine sexy with comfortable. Their prints are exclusive, hand-painted in London and use top quality cottons meaning their pyjamas are made to last.

Maxipos and Desmond & Dempsey started working together on their first packaging for clothing in 2017; our first project together was an eco-friendly and premium corrugated postal shipper used to deliver online purchases from their e-commerce store. The shipper is a 100% recyclable 0427 style box made from 200 Kraft on the outside and 200 Test material on the inside in E Flute.

The shipper has been printed with a white Desmond & Dempsey logo. 10,000 units have been produced and we hold stock at our factory free of charge to help Molly and Joel as they have limited storage facilities at their London office.

Whether you need subscription box packaging or letterbox size boxes, printed postal boxes are equipped with all the features you need from ecommerce packaging.

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