SowVital – E-Commerce Shipper with Reversible Fitment

Sowvital are a plant sciences brand on a mission to reconnect people with their plants, using science-based care rituals. They have developed a routine to help people care for their plants and in turn, enjoy the mindfulness of the process.

Maxipos started to work with Sowvital when they were a relatively new brand, helping to create e-commerce and Rigid boxes to present and ship their products.

Whilst developing this box, one requirement was for the fitment to be utilitarian. This meant that the wastage was minimised making it more environmentally friendly and cost effective, whilst helping to protect the products during delivery.

We achieved this by creating a flexible fitment that, once assembled, was double sided; one side could hold two items in place whilst the reverse held just one item. This was made possible by working with one of our trusted and innovative UK factories to create a unique product which met the needs of Sowvital perfectly.

In total, 16,000 units were produced, palletised and delivered to the client’s warehouse well within the six-week time frame given.