Branded Merchandise

There is no doubt that branded merchandise is an excellent marketing tool and a valued route for many companies who want to keep their brand at the forefront of their consumers’ mind. Choosing the right gift to give to customers when they buy your product will drive more consumers to your brand, increase sales, enhance brand awareness and promote brand loyalty. At Maxipos, we have an enviable track record of assisting our clients in creating highly successful Gift With Purchase promotions and incentive schemes.

See below for case studies of Bags & Totes, Gifts & Products and Pouches that we have produced.

Our Service

If you are conducting a Gift With Purchase promotion or wish to create incentives for your stockists or even your staff, then we can help. We can assist in every stage of the process from conceiving and designing the gifts, to producing prototypes through to manufacturing and delivery. One of our skills is helping you to pick the perfect gift – one that reflects your brand, attracts attention, communicates your chosen message and adds perceived value to your offer.

Sourcing from overseas, particularly from China, can be a daunting prospect if you have no experience but through our excellent network of trusted global manufacturers we can deliver outstanding incentives with genuine impact, in a timely fashion and within your budget.

Our Factories

There are so many promotional products and suppliers in the market and it can be a minefield working out who to trust to produce a high-quality product and deliver on time. We have spent years analysing the UK and global markets, constantly cross-checking suppliers in terms of cost, quality and service levels. As a result, we only use a small number of factories who meet or surpass our exacting standards. We make it our job to understand the market, to get to know suppliers and promise to offer only the best products, at the best price with the assurance of efficient service and timely delivery.

We are committed to ensuring that the products we source are produced in ethically sound environments, through a supply chain that adheres to international standards established to protect people and the planet. Our aim is to provide our clients with peace of mind when sourcing products from overseas. We make sure all the factories we use are audited by third-party auditing companies (for example SEDEX and SGS) and we also check that they adhere to the CSR requirements.

Please see here for more information about our suppliers and audit process.

The Power of Branded Merchandise

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that gifts are the most effective form of promotion and here’s why:

The Word ‘Free’

People just love the idea of getting something free; that simple little word is an attention grabber and plays to the consumer’s desire for a bargain. The same will be true of stockists who will strive harder to sell your products to get those incentives.

Gifts increase transaction values

Your customers will spend more in order to receive the free gift and your stockists will perfect their upselling techniques if they want those incentives.

Gifts inspire reciprocal behaviour

The beneficiaries of gifts and incentives can have a subconscious desire to return the favour by making more purchases.

​Incentives play to a preference for more

Consumers have been shown to prefer receiving more goods for their money to receiving a discount on their purchase.

Gifts promote brand awareness

If you choose the right product, the chances are that the consumer will keep and continue to use the gift for months to come. This increases your brand’s visibility and means it will always be at the forefront of your consumer’s mind.

Gifts encourage your customers to share

Recipients of free gifts are more likely to share their positive experience of your brand with others. Gifts ensure that your customers do the talking for you.

Gifts with purchase are cost effective

If you choose the right gift it will be far more cost effective than offering a discount, a gift card or a buy one get one free promotion.