Carrier Bags & Totes

Bags of any kind can be a great advertisement for your brand and a way to increase brand visibility in a multitude of settings.  

Our wide range of experience covers all aspects of this sector from sustainable tote bags that are made to last to premium retail carrier bags that your clients see as an essential part of their experience.

At Maxipos we have been producing a varied range of high-quality bags since 2001, giving us a wealth of product knowledge within this area and allowing us to find the most trusted suppliers.

Tote Bags

Totes bags can be a great opportunity to advertise your brand when customers reuse them for many years. 

Carrier Bags​

We supply custom carrier bags for retail use and also to complement promotional events, exhibitions and marketing campaigns.

Bespoke Styles To Suit You 

Working with our high-quality suppliers we have created and delivered a multitude of different styled bags to notable clients across a diverse range of industries.

There are various ways to customise any bag to suit your brand depending on your requirements. It may be that handle type is paramount and rope or ribbon works best for your needs, or sustainability could be key with an emphasis on the materials used and life span of the product.

Maxipos can help with enquiries of any type whether it’s creating your ideal bag from scratch or finding alternative options and prices for your existing products.

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