Eco-Friendly Packaging

At Maxipos we are passionate about the environment and, as a packaging supplier we have to consider the impact we have on our planet. We have a responsibility to make sure we source eco-friendly and sustainable materials as well as educating our clients and recommending the most environmentally conscious packaging solutions for their needs. We are continuously searching the market to identify the leading factories that are at the forefront of supplying eco-friendly materials in packaging, print and branded merchandise. As we don’t rely upon just one factory, we have the flexibility to move production to the most suitable factory that meets our client’s requirements, whether it is for responsibly sourced paper, recycled plastic or anything in between. Ultimately, the final material specifications are decided by our clients after careful consideration and discussions with us, but our aim is to always offer an eco-friendly option if one has not already been considered.

If you have any specific requirements or would like to know more about your options of eco-friendly materials let us know!

Steel & Jelly

Postal Shipper

Steel and Jelly contacted Maxipos because they wanted a durable and eco-friendly corrugated postal shipper for their e-commerce orders. 


Recycled Silicone Pouch

FaceGym contacted Maxipos in 2019 as they wanted to develop an environmentally friendly, sporty and modern pouch to house their cosmetics.

Desmond & Dempsey

Mailer Envelope

Desmond & Dempsey asked us to help produce an eco-friendly mailer bag; the bag was to be used for shipping some of their online orders to consumers.

Balance Me

Magnetic Collapsible Box

Maxipos and Balance Me have been working together since 2016, developing packaging concepts and Gift With Purchase promotions.

Coffeee Factory

Pocket Envelope

The Coffee Factory wanted us to create a more bespoke packaging solution for their online consumers that would help to increase their brand visibility.


Kraft Mailer Bag

As a new brand to the market, Paynter came to Maxipos to produce their first e-commerce mailer bag.

Balance Me

Cardboard Tube Packaging

With a growing customer base, Balance Me made the decision to rebrand their packaging to represent their company ethos more visibly.


Recycled Clear Product Tube

After working with FaceGym on a range of other products, they asked us to investigate creating an innovative clear tube made from recyclable PET and a Tin lid for their facial massage balls.


E-Commerce Box

In 2018 Arbonne contacted Maxipos as they were looking for a printed eco-friendly corrugated postal shipper.


Kraft Carrier Bag

Maxipos and L’Occitane have worked together since 2008, and we have completed over 200 projects across a wide range of promotional items and packaging products.

Options to consider when going eco-friendly:

Many of our clients are increasingly questioning the environmental impact of the materials and packaging that they use for their products. However, information on sustainable and eco-friendly solutions is vast and not always as straightforward as one would hope.

To help navigate this complex topic, we have summarised the most important information to consider regarding eco-friendly materials to make it easier for you.

Alternative Inks

Consider using inks that are based on water, soy or vegetable oil.

Certified Paper & Board

Help protect our forests and use certified and responsibly sourced wood pulp.

Plastic Free

Eliminate the use of single-use plastic in your packaging and use plastic-free packaging.

Recycled Content

Incorporate recycled materials in your packaging.


Check if you can use material that breaks into natural components under the right conditions.


Consider material that degrades within a specified timeframe.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

The closer the factory, the lower the carbon footprint.


Extend the life of the materials used by making sure they are recyclable.

Responsibly Sourced

Sourcing responsibly by considering the environmental, societal and economic impacts of our supply chain.

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