FaceGym – Recycled Silicone Wash Bag

The world’s first gym for the face was founded by Inge Theron, who spent five years writing for the financial times and rigorously testing unique concepts in spas all over the world. Subsequently FaceGym is now the fastest growing beauty brand focused on helping men and women age gracefully.

Born from 10 years of time-consuming research carried out by Inge, FaceGym uses innovative and cutting-edge technology to help clients work the 40+ forgotten muscles of the face. Their non-invasive workouts have become so popular that they can be found in 11 locations worldwide.


FaceGym contacted Maxipos in 2019 as they wanted to develop an environmentally friendly, sporty and modern branded pouch to house their cosmetics.

Maxipos worked with one of our main Chinese factories to develop two initial options for the pouch: one in recycled neoprene and the other in recycled silicone. FaceGym preferred the backstory of the recycled silicone pouch as the silicone material had been given a second life after initially having been used for kitchen utensils.

The pouch was created with a chunky zip tape, metal eyelet and carabiner hook which provided aesthetically contrasting materials to the recycled silicone. These features, along with the two monochrome colourways, gave the pouch a durable, yet sleek and sporty look. As well as the external logo, we added text to the inside giving consumers a little background on the materials used to produce the pouch.

The initial order in 2019 was for 5,000 units split equally between the two colourways. Since then, FaceGym have reordered the pouches multiple times due to their popularity with their consumers.