Cou Cou Intimates – Folding Box Board Product Carton

Founded in 2021, Cou Cou Intimates are an increasingly popular and fast-growing brand who sell 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton underwear, trimmed with delicate French lace.

The material used for all of their underwear is sustainably sourced and completely compostable, meaning as soon as you’re done with your chosen pair, you can simply remove the trim and pop them in the compost to start them on the next stage of their renewable cycle.

Maxipos were delighted to work with Cou Cou Intimates on creating sustainable fashion packaging for their limited-edition range of underwear, specifically to be sold in Selfridges.

We were required to produce eight different boxes to house their luxury underwear, all using 400gsm Brown Kraft Paper as the chosen material. White print was used for the text on the packaging, which contrasts beautifully with the brown material.

All eight of the product cartons featured a die cut hole in the side panel so that customers could see and feel the quality of the product before purchasing.

The final steps of the process included die-cutting to shape, folding and gluing.

After the first order of 4,000 units, Maxipos were thrilled to secure a second order with Cou Cou Intimates for their expanding range of underwear.