Proto-Col – FBB Sleeve and Product Tray

On-Group Ltd are a British beauty and wellness manufacturer who are guided by scientific research and market intelligence who own several premium brands. Proto-col, a range specialising in collagen skincare, is one of their leading brands.

On-Group reached out to Maxipos with an enquiry for a base and sleeve box for Proto-col to improve their drinks packaging.

The base of the box was created from 500mic GC1/GC2 board whilst the sleeve was made from 350gsm coated board. The base was left unprinted, and the pantone printed sleeve design was split across three different artworks, one of which was for the French market.

The trays all had slits in the walls to hold the collagen sachets perfectly in place. All trays were creased, folded and glued before 20,000 units were delivered to one address in the UK