FaceGym – Recycled Clear Product Tube

FaceGym are known for their signature, non-invasive face workouts that use high energy kneading movements and cutting-edge technology to tone and tighten the facial muscles.

Maxipos were recommended to FaceGym in 2018 by one of our other clients for whom we supply various marketing materials.

After working with FaceGym on a range of other products, they asked us to investigate creating an innovative clear tube made from recyclable PET and a Tin lid for their facial massage balls. In terms of design, we looked in to two options, a completely clear tube or a tube with an opaque white back panel. FaceGym decided to go with the second design as it made the text stand out more clearly.

On the underside of the lid, they added a QR code which provided more information about the product, meaning they could keep the design minimal without limiting the information given to the consumer. The first order was for 3,000 units, and since then FaceGym have reordered the tubes five more times across two different artwork designs.