Mirror Water – Rigid Mycelium Box

Mirror Water is a skin care and lifestyle brand, focusing on self-reflection as a way to transform self-care. By creating an online community, they hope to transform individuals’ well-being and outlook by creating sustainable products made from raw ingredients.

Maxipos helped Mirror Water to create a sustainable cotton pouch as well this entirely biodegradable box. Reducing the environmental impact was paramount when creating this product, so we worked with our most innovative and sustainable supplier to create a box entirely from Mycelium (mushrooms!) mixed with agricultural by-products.

Once the end consumer has received their products, this box can be added to food waste, broken down and dispersed in the garden or even mixed with seeds to grow wild flowers. It is made to fully biodegrade in around 45 days, however, when stored in dry conditions its shelf life is 30 years.

Mirror Water were very happy that we could create packaging to fit with their brand values of sustainability, caring for the worlds environment and producing paraben free vegan products.