Philip Kingsley – EVA Slider Zip Pouch

Philip Kingsley – the first person to introduce the concept of ‘hair textures’ into the industry and also coin the term ‘bad hair day’ – is the world’s leading trichologist and believes that ‘healthy hair is beautiful hair’.

Philip Kingsley approached Maxipos to find an environmentally friendly alternative to the PVC material being used to produce their travel pouches. They also wanted to simplify the design of the previous pouch by getting rid of the fabric zip pull.

Maxipos suggested using for their new cosmetic packaging a 0.4mm clear EVA material for the pouch to comply with their environmentally friendly ethos. A single colour logo was printed to the front of the pouch, with a simple seamless zip to replace the previous fabric version. The Jet Set pouch offered a minimalistic look which was in keeping with Philip Kingsley’s branding.

Our factory carried out a production run of 10,000 units of the Jet Set pouch before packing in bulk to be delivered to the UK.

A few months later Philip Kingsley returned to Maxipos to ask us to produce 25,000 units of the same EVA material pouch but with a grey plastic ring zip for a different range of their travel haircare products.