Beauty Pie – Embossed Rigid Shoulder Box

Beauty Pie is the new disruptor of the beauty industry with their innovative subscription-based members’ club. Offering luxury skincare and cosmetic ranges, their products are on par with the big brands of beauty… except there is a twist: they offer members an exclusive price which is much lower than the ‘typical’ price. Due to this business model Beauty Pie have quickly obtained a large and loyal following.

After working together on a successful 2019 Christmas packaging range, including a rigid box for an eye mask, they asked us to again produce an updated version of this product in 2020.

Following the creation of the 2019 box, Beauty Pie really loved the simple embossed logo and wanted to carry this through to the 2020 box.

In this updated version, we included the Beauty Pie brand colours in the form of a printed band around one end of the fashion packaging box which was in keeping with their classic, clean aesthetic.

To create a more premium look, we added a UV spot varnish to the pink band. As the addition of this band was made to give the impression of a ribbon, we had to ensure the print on both halves of the box matched seamlessly.

The box was produced using vegetable-based inks and FSC material, which was in keeping with Beauty Pie’s ethos to be environmentally conscious and have a smaller impact upon the environment whilst creating their products.