Desmond & Dempsey – Canvas Drawstring Bag

Growing up on opposite sides of the world, Molly and Joel met in Canada before starting the Desmond & Dempsey range of premium nightwear. The brand was born out of Molly’s love for wearing Joel’s shirts which inspired them to create a womenswear nightwear brand that takes inspiration from a man’s shirt.

Inspired by lazy Sunday mornings, Desmond & Dempsey seamlessly combines sexy with comfortable. Their prints are exclusive and are hand-painted in London using top quality cottons.

Desmond & Dempsey contacted Maxipos to produce a premium drawstring bag made from a natural fabric that could be used for online purchases that were either smaller in size, or items that were being gifted.

Based on this brief for the new fashion packaging, our trusted factory in China produced the drawstring bag using a natural coloured cotton fabric. One of Desmond & Dempsey’s print design was then repeat printed across the external sides of the bag.

2,500 units of the tote bag were manufactured in total.