5 Examples of Printed Packaging Boxes for Luxury E-Commerce Products

The e-commerce industry is booming and more brands are moving into the luxury e-commerce space than ever before. To stand apart from regular, high-street products, luxury e-commerce goods must look and feel premium. Not only should the product itself be premium, but the packaging should reflect the luxurious status of the product.

When customers purchase from a luxury e-commerce store, they expect a shopping experience unlike any other. To give customers a truly unique, luxury e-commerce experience, brands must invest in their packaging. Your brand needs unique printed packaging boxes to stand out and provide immense customer satisfaction.

A brand’s custom ecommerce packaging is important. Luxurious packaging is a wonderful surprise for consumers and offers a unique unboxing experience that is synonymous with the quality of their brand. Investing in custom printed packaging boxes is the key to ensuring every brand is delivering the best experience for its consumers.

What are the Packaging Options for Luxury Ecommerce Products?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to packaging. From different shapes and sizes to different prints and patterns, luxury e-commerce brands can choose from a variety of packaging options to design the very best custom printed packaging boxes for their needs.

The beauty of owning a luxury e-commerce store is that there is a wealth of packaging options available. Shipping boxes, mailer boxes, envelopes and bags are common forms of packaging that brands use.

Here are some common packaging options that can be used to ship your products to clients:

While all of these packaging options can be printed on to suit your branding and core messaging, some are inevitably more durable than others. A customised box is more likely to withstand the constant handling during transit and is more likely to retain its shape upon delivery. Corrugated cardboard boxes and rigid boxes are therefore the best printed packaging options to maximise customer appeal.

Why Packaging Boxes are Perfect for Luxury Ecommerce Products

folding box board packaging

The moment of delivery is the most important touchpoint between your brand and customer. Underwhelming packaging can often leave this experience falling flat, leading to customer dissatisfaction and disappointment. When brands invest in a customised box for their luxury products, the unboxing of their product becomes more exciting and memorable, leaving customers wanting more!

Printed packaging boxes are perfect for luxury e-commerce products as they are sturdy, customisable and offer a lot of space to work with when designing an exclusive unboxing affair. Printed packaging boxes also offer a lot of exterior space to work with. So, if you decide to use custom printed boxes, you can make the outside of your packaging look stunning with a wealth of designs.

Likewise, boxes offer significant space within for products, branded freebies, handwritten notes and additional extras to enhance the opening experience. Experimenting with space inside the box will improve the aesthetics of the opening experience. Plus, packaging boxes are likely to keep luxury e-commerce products safe – an absolute must.

Cheap, flimsy packaging that arrives dishevelled and damaged will discourage consumers from repeating their custom with your luxury e-commerce store. It’s important to invest in custom premium printed packaging boxes to maximise appeal. Packaging boxes are very sturdy and do a great job at protecting products. They are immune to many of the challenges of shipping and can handle getting thrown around in transit.

Why do we recommend custom boxes?

Shipping boxes can also be customized to suit your needs. The design of your customised box reflects your brand, so it’s important to create quality packaging that consumers will enjoy. Custom printed packaging boxes give your store a competitive edge that is guaranteed to help your goods stand out.

Consumers expect a premium experience when shopping with a luxury e-commerce store. Customised boxes ensure your brand stands out with a packaging experience that is unique and memorable.

A custom box design allows you to showcase digital artwork on your packaging. Custom printed packaging boxes allow your brand’s personality to shine through – something that is increasingly valued by consumers. Investing in luxury e-commerce packaging boxes is a sure-fire way to grant your customers a premium experience when shopping with your luxury e-commerce store.

6 Benefits of Custom Printed Boxes That Are Perfect for Luxury Ecommerce

Custom printed packaging boxes offer a lot of flexibility for brands, which makes them a great choice for luxury e-commerce products. Here are 6 benefits of custom printed boxes that make them the perfect option for your luxury e-commerce brand.

1. Branding Opportunities

Custom boxes offer immense branding and marketing opportunities for your luxury e-commerce store. The packaging that your product arrives in is the easiest way to showcase your store and begin building brand awareness.

Luxury brands such as Chanel and Gucci have highly recognisable fashion packaging with high-quality boxes and timeless embellishments. The unique, timeless style of their packaging makes them stand out as a premium retailer. Luxury e-commerce retailers should aim to do the same with their packaging.

Printed packaging is one of the easiest ways to showcase your business and establish your brand’s feel. Premium, luxury brands should aim for luxurious packaging to capitalize on marketing opportunities.

2. A Great First Impression

When a customer first receives their item, the packaging of the product is the first thing they notice. Custom packaging that is memorable and unique offers an excellent customer service experience.

As a luxury e-commerce retailer, you want customers to see your packaging and be blown away by the time and effort that has been invested into your products. Incorporating your own artwork and an interesting box style is a guaranteed way to deliver a fantastic service that will leave consumers wanting more.

3. A Custom Box to Stand Out From the Crowd

Though generic packaging does little to separate you from your competition, custom packaging will help your luxury e-commerce store stand out from the crowd. By investing in custom boxes, your consumers will be delighted by unique, customised packaging that truly separates your brand from the rest.

4. A Memorable and Unique Experience

Custom packaging is sure to leave a lasting impression on your customer. A memorable e-commerce box creates a satisfying unboxing experience. This experience has two key purposes: it delights your customer and encourages them to repeat their custom with your store. If your packaging is truly better than the rest, it may even encourage them to share your store with their friends.

5. Better Product Protection

Printed boxes offer better product protection than other packaging options including envelopes and poly bags. Boxes are significantly more sturdy and can maintain their shape during transportation, ensuring they reach your consumer in the same condition they left your warehouse in.

6. Cost-Effective

Surprisingly, opting for custom packaging can work out more cost-effective in the long term. Businesses can design their boxes to fit their products exactly. This allows businesses to ship their products for the exact price rather than paying extra for empty space.

How to Choose the Right Custom Packaging Boxes

Now that you know all about the benefits that can be gained from choosing custom packaging, let’s run through some tips on choosing the perfect packaging for your luxury e-commerce store.


Size is key in deciding what type of custom box works for you. We recommend stocking at least two different sizes depending on the range of products that you offer.

You don’t want to waste space, but you also don’t want to risk your products being damaged in a super cramped box. Fragile products need sturdier, more spacious boxes that are loaded with protective packaging options like bubble wrap.


The materials of your custom packaging are also important. Sturdy cardboard boxes are better for fragile products than plastic boxes with more flexibility. Despite protective inserts and fragile warning tapes, couriers are not always quite so gentle when it comes to transporting your products. Opting for sturdy packaging boxes is a good way to reduce the risk of damage to your products.


Eco-friendly mailer boxes are a great option for environmentally-conscious e-commerce stores. Since rigid and corrugated boxes are typically more eco-friendly than their plastic alternatives, we recommend opting for cardboard and other recyclable materials for your customised boxes.


The price of your custom printed packaging is a key consideration when choosing which custom boxes are right for you. It’s important to choose custom boxes that don’t over-inflate your costs or break your budget.

Especially if you are just starting out as a small business, the price of the custom boxes is important to consider. Smaller custom packaging solutions tend to be more affordable than larger packaging solutions.

5 Examples of Printed Packaging Boxes for Luxury Ecommerce

At Maxipos, you can order custom printed boxes to suit your needs. We are printed packaging box manufacturers with experience designing and delivering the very best luxury packaging solutions for e-commerce brands.

Let’s take a look through 5 printed box examples for your luxury e-commerce store:

1. Arbonne’s Eco-Friendly Corrugated Postal Shipper

Arbonne’s Eco-Friendly Corrugated Postal Shipper

Arbonne’s printed packaging boxes are the perfect example of how custom printing can elevate your luxury e-commerce product packaging. Made with a 0427 style carton with a hinged lid and tuck flap, Arbonne’s corrugated postal shipper is strong, durable, and the perfect base for their exceptional printed design.

Printed in a three-colour artwork with branded messaging that speaks to each customer, Arbonne’s packaging creates a meaningful connection between the brand and consumer.

2. L’Occitane’s Corrugated Handle Custom E-commerce Boxes

Corrugated Handle Boxes as luxury ecommerce packaging for L’Occitane

We work with L’Occitane regularly to design and produce the very best cosmetic packaging solutions. Working with the beauty company to create durable yet visually appealing e-commerce packaging, we designed a customised box strong enough to hold two 500ml bottles. Complete with a handle that allows the package to be delivered in a unique and quirky way, corrugated handle custom boxes may just be the perfect option for your e-commerce store.

3. King of Shaves’ Bespoke Corrugated Shelf-Ready Packaging

King of Shaves’ Bespoke Corrugated Shelf-Ready Packaging

Working with King Shaver’s, we designed a highly durable e-commerce package that has two functions: delivery and design. Made with a simplistic single-colour corrugated base tray, King Shaver’s printed packaging is stylish and effective. With a corrugated hood and cardholder that secures their products in place, King Shaver’s customised box is shelf-ready for the ultimate convenience.

4. Desmond & Dempsey’s Postal Shipper Custom Ecommerce Box

custom printed postal boxes for ecommerce products

Collaborating since 2017, our first project with Desmond & Dempsey was to create an eco-friendly, premium corrugated shipping container. The final product is a 100% recyclable 0427 style box constructed using 200 Kraft material for exceptional durability. With the brand name and logo printed clearly in white, Desmond & Dempsey’s e-commerce boxes help consumers to easily identify the brand.

5. Scott Dunn’s Bespoke Corrugated Shipper Boxes

scott dunn postal shipper boxes

This flat-pack, corrugated shipper box is perfect for e-commerce. Designed to ship smaller products that are high in value, this flat shipper makes transporting important documents a breeze. With the Scott Dunn brand name printed in black and a peel and seal strip for secure closure, Scott Dunn’s corrugated shipper boxes are ideal printed packaging solutions for the world of luxury e-commerce.

Why Maxipos?

Durable, cost-effective and highly versatile, custom printed packaging boxes are ideal for luxury e-commerce brands.

Thanks to our dedication, designing printed packaging boxes for your luxury e-commerce store has never been easier. With low MOQs and expedited shipping available on all orders, Maxipos offers the very best solutions for luxury e-commerce.

So, if you’re on the hunt for printed packaging boxes manufacturers that share your passion and enthusiasm, Maxipos may just be the solution for you! Get in touch today for more information

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