Bespoke Printed Boxes: How To Make Your Retail Products Stand Out

With over 300k retailers in the UK as of 2020, it’s more important than ever before to have a unique edge. From high-quality products to bespoke packaging, businesses are looking for the best ways to stand out from the crowd.

According to a 2013 study, appealing product packaging can trigger an impulse purchase. It should come as no surprise then that bespoke printed boxes are super on-trend. Eye-catching, memorable and trendy, bespoke printed cardboard boxes are the key to making your products stand out from the competition.

Investing in ecommerce packaging in UK is a tried and tested way to attract buyers and build brand awareness. Custom printed packaging is unique to your brand and provides a way to showcase your brand in a visually aesthetic manner. With various customisation options, bespoke printed boxes are a great way to showcase your products and ensure they stand out on a retail shelf. After all, winning products deserve winning packaging!

Do Packaging Boxes Matter to Customers?

folding box board packaging

Honestly? Yes! Packaging is the first thing a customer notices about their purchase. A bespoke printed box is more likely to make an impression on your customer than a plain, unbranded piece of card.

Let’s face it, there are few things more disappointing and off-putting than run-of-the-mill packaging. Receiving a new purchase in an unbranded box dulls excitement and makes your business appear uninteresting. Bespoke printed cardboard boxes, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect. Bespoke printed boxes look visually appealing to customers and pique their interest.

Many brands rely on social media for marketing, and creative, glamorous packaging will make you stand out from the crowd. Customers love the excitement of receiving a well-packaged product and it improves the overall shopping experience for your buyers. To guarantee the best experience for your customers, investing in your bespoke printed packaging boxes is a must.

As a retailer, brand, or manufacturer, competition is strong. It’s important to ensure you’re giving your products the ability to shine. Standing out allows you to have an edge over your competition.

What Makes Boxes Attractive?

There are one million businesses currently using Shopify as an e-commerce platform, and over 30,000 products are sold in the average supermarket. Competition is intense. There are also thousands of businesses using Instagram to market their products and services on Instagram. Since there are so many brands and products vying for your buyer’s attention, it’s important to create attractive packaging that your buyers will love.

At Maxipos, we live and breathe design. Our end-game is to make customers take one glance at your packaging and light up like a child on Christmas morning. Creating a unique bespoke printed cardboard box is an art form. When designed well, a bespoke printed box can, in the famous words of Marie Kondo, spark true joy.

So, what exactly makes custom printed packaging boxes attractive?

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, attractive bespoke printed boxes are hard to define. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to design, print, shape or size. But there are commonalities to be found between the most popular packaging options.

Attractive packaging should be unique yet on-brand. If your brand has a set colour palette, typography and messaging, your bespoke printed cardboard boxes should incorporate these aspects to help customers identify your business. If your brand is simple and understated, then muted, pastel colours are elegant and attractive options for your printed packaging. Likewise, if your brand is larger than life, bold graphics and patterns paired with vibrant colours are eye-catching and appealing packaging options.

Above all, it’s important to be creative to ensure you get that wow factor you’re looking for. At Maxipos, we work closely with you to design personalised packaging that suits your brand, your messaging and your requirements.

Choose the Right Material for Your Bespoke Printed Boxes

There are many materials to choose from when designing your custom packaging. The very best printed boxes are durable, long-lasting and can withstand the challenges of transportation. Businesses should take great care to choose materials that are both visually appealing and highly functional to remain fresh in the customer’s mind.

Both rigid packaging boxes and folding cartons are great choices for bespoke printed boxes. While rigid boxes are more durable than their carton counterpart, folding cartons are more cost-effective.

Durable and functional, rigid boxes offer a unique unboxing experience and are guaranteed to make your retail product feel premium. More flexible in design, folding cartons are the perfect solution for unique, cost-effective designs. Both options are highly customisable. Rigid boxes and folding cartons can be designed to your exact specifications with a range of prints, designs and finishes to choose from.

No matter your choice of material, both rigid boxes and folding cartons are great for bespoke printed cardboard boxes. Both options offer compelling brand touchpoints that stand out on a retail shelf and appeal to prospective consumers.

We’ve worked on creating high-end cosmetic packaging for leading brands like L’Occitane and Blink Brow Bar to create bespoke printed boxes from both folding cartons and rigid materials. For more information, take a look through our rigid boxes and folding carton case studies.

Why is Creativity Important in Packaging?

Fun and Fruity tea packaging design - T2 Tea Mini Fruits

In an over-saturated market, being unique is no easy feat. But being unique is not always necessary. Designing packaging with a creative flair can add a personalised element that resonates with customers. Creativity can make even the most boring product appear fun and memorable.

Plain and unbranded packaging is unimaginative and uninteresting. It suggests a lack of enthusiasm and a lack of passion for your products. Brands that utilise creative prints and designs are more likely to create a memorable first impression.

Investing in creative packaging is one way to guarantee a premium unboxing experience that is sure to delight your customers.

5 Reasons to Use Bespoke Printed Boxes

There are many reasons to utilise a bespoke printed box for your product. Let’s recap:

Stand Out From the Crowd

Bespoke packaging makes you stand out from your competition. As aforementioned, competition is fierce. Your business is constantly competing with thousands of others to attract ever-shortening attention spans.

Since packaging is one of the first touchpoints between brand and consumer, investing in bespoke printed packaging is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Personalised, on-brand printing and design is a great way to make a statement and ensure customers choose your product over the competition.

Improved Customer Retention

There is a direct correlation between how you package your products and how your customers perceive them. High-quality packaging and customised designs resonate with your customers and keep your brand at the forefront of their minds. Investing in luxurious printed packaging will help you achieve better customer retention in the long term.

Greater Brand Awareness

Memorable packaging builds brand awareness. Bespoke printed product packaging aids your marketing efforts. The more memorable your packaging, the more potential customers will recognise your brand. The more recognition and awareness of your products, the more attention, leads and conversions.

Premium Pricing

Premium packaging is synonymous with luxury. Likewise, luxury is synonymous with high value. A bespoke printed box has a premium edge that highlights both the quality and luxury of your retail product and appeals to a higher paying customer. If you have a luxury brand or product, there is no better way to market your business than with bespoke packaging.

Generate Product Hype

Thanks to the art of “going viral,” hype can make or break your brand and product. The best packaging designs have the potential to gain traction on social media and build hype around your product to build awareness, increase sales and improve customer retention. This is a particularly great tactic for new product releases, helping you to scale your business to all new heights.

The Bespoke Printed Cardboard Boxes

Bespoke printed boxes ensure the memorability of your product and brand, thereby providing a better customer experience and separating you from your competition.

Choosing the right materials and design and adding a little creative flair is the key to standing out from the crowd. Investing in your packaging is a guaranteed way to generate hype, guarantee better customer retention and build brand awareness.

Maxipos is the UK’s leading packaging expert. We’ve worked with a variety of leading brands including Cou Cou, Desmond and Dempsey, and Beauty Pie to create unique, fashion packaging. We offer a variety of customisation options to ensure your packaging is created to your standards.

For more information, get in touch today to arrange an introductory call. Let’s work together to showcase your product as it truly deserves.

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