Bespoke Corrugated Shelf-Ready Packaging

Suffering from shaving rash and razor burn but couldn’t find a product on the market to solve his shaving issues, Will King decided to solve the problem himself. He developed a range of products to give a smooth, close and burn-free shave, launching the King of Shaves brand in 1993. Created in Will’s kitchen, King of Shaves is a British company with a range of advanced animal-friendly shaving, skin and beard care products.

One of the first products we helped developed was a Beard Comb to help King of Shaves’ customers tidy and style their beards, moustaches and hair. Having sourced the comb itself, King of Shaves asked us to develop a corrugated Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) which could be filled with 6 combs at the factory. The SRP’s would then be packed into shipping cartons for safe transit from China; on receipt at their UK warehouse, King of Shaves could then distribute the SRP’s to their main retailer, Asda.

The SRP has a corrugated base tray printed in 1 colour, a card fitment to hold the 6 Beard Combs in place, and a printed corrugated hood to protect the products during transit. Each SRP is labelled with a bar code and product information, and sealed with clear stickers.
The Beard Comb has proved to be a great success for King of Shaves and multiple orders have been placed since 2016.