Creative Luxury Packaging: Rigid Box Ideas for Brand Product Packaging

No matter how brilliant a product is, its value is almost always determined by the extent of its appeal – and nothing appeals more to customers than presentation! While the design element of packaging is vital to truly advertise a product, the most appealing products are judged by their branding, creativity and style.

Whether a product is purchased online or in-store, the packaging is often the very first thing a customer sees and it leaves a lasting impression that reflects not only the product but the entire brand. In many cases, a product’s packaging influences our decision to purchase a product more than the product itself.

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Not only designed to protect a product but to influence a customer’s desire to buy products from your brand, the very best packaging builds excitement and enjoyment that lasts beyond the initial shopping and unboxing experience. The most effective packaging is that which creates a personal connection between the customer and brand and achieves pride of place not just on a retail shelf but on the shelves of your customer’s home.

Different Types of Luxury Box Packaging

Rising in popularity in recent years due to influencer marketing and the rise of unboxing videos on social media channels, consumers have become increasingly attracted to luxury packaging. Take a visit to your local department store and look around you. Luxury gift packaging is everywhere. This increased popularity of the unboxing experience demonstrates just how powerful packaging is as a marketing tool. From rigid boxes to folding cartons, e-commerce packaging to collapsible boxes, carrier bags to acetate boxes, there are numerous options to both protect a product and display it on a retail shelf.

The most popular option for luxury packaging, however, is custom rigid box packaging. This lends itself to the fact that these boxes are typically five times thicker and thus much more durable than traditional packaging solutions. Rigid boxes are therefore used as luxury packaging boxes for products with a higher price point or with an increased fragility.

Highly customisable, rigid boxes allow you to truly personalise your very own bespoke luxury packaging. From hinged lid to drawer and slipcase, circular to pyramidal, presentation to gift, rigid boxes are elegant, luxurious and loved by retailers and consumers alike. Creating a highly personalised touch to each product, custom rigid boxes are one of the most effective packaging solutions on the market. With numerous styles, shapes and designs to choose from, the only real limit is your imagination.

Rigid Gift Box Ideas

Whether you intend to send your products as gifts through the post or gift wrap each order, rigid gift boxes can be made in various styles with numerous designs to cater for all occasions.

Rigid Boxes with Lift-Off Lids

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A two-piece rigid box with a lid, sometimes called a Telescope box, is the most traditional type of gift box on the packaging market and provides great durability and strength. Although most commonly used for clothing, accessories and high-value items, telescope boxes can be used to package almost any product.

Lifting off the lid to reveal the inner contents, gift boxes are commonly kept by the consumer as keepsake boxes for a long time after unboxing. In addition to creating a significant connection with your brand, your branded packaging may be kept by your customer, thus reminding them to shop with you at regular intervals.

Round Rigid Boxes

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For a truly personalised packaging design, why not think outside the box? Rigid setup boxes can be customised to form unique shapes, designs and styles. In fact, luxury packaging solutions can even include round rigid boxes. Though round rigid boxes are more difficult to manufacture and are not the most effective solution for saving space, they make for superb novelty packaging that has a real WOW factor.

Your imagination doesn’t have to stop there, however! Gift box manufacturers can create boxes in a variety of unique and unusual sizes to draw attention to your product. Think triangular, hexagonal, pyramidal, octagonal and more – you might be surprised just how creative your gift box suppliers can be!

Rigid Hinged Boxes

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Rigid hinged boxes are another popular gift box style that, unlike both traditional and circular-shaped gift boxes, do not have a removable lid. Rigid boxes with hinged lids keep your products clean and tidy on a retail shelf and are great for convenience. This makes hinged boxes a firm customer favourite since they can simply flip the lid into place with ease.

Whether it be a book-style hinged box or a hinged box in the style of a shoebox, rigid hinged boxes are typically accompanied by an internal fitment or insert that effectively secures the product in place and protects it from damage during transit. These products inserts can be designed to complement the exterior aesthetic of your box to continue the unboxing experience for as long as possible. They can also be made in a range of materials such as card, foam, paper pulp and vacuum formed plastic.

Slipcase and Drawer Rigid Box Ideas

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Drawer and slipcase boxes consist of an internal, pull-out tray and an external slipcase which is closed on one end. Slipcase and drawer boxes often contain card or foam inserts to keep products secure within. These boxes also feature functional yet visually appealing attachments such as grosgrain ribbon tabs or semi-circle cut-outs for easy opening. Very similar in style is a drawer with sleeve box, the only difference being the sleeve is open on both ends.

Offering a premium unboxing experience, rigid slipcase and drawer boxes function brilliantly on a retail shelf and can be repurposed as at-home storage.

Rigid Window Box Ideas

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A sturdy rigid box with a transparent, acetate film, window boxes are a popular packaging option for when it is essential to showcase the product that is housed inside the box. Sturdy and durable, these boxes can also contain internal trays or inserts to hold the products firmly in place. In addition to keeping products safe within the box, window boxes are the most effective packaging solution for visually striking products that do not need much further embellishment.

These rigid presentation boxes can also be laminated or varnished with gloss, matt or soft touch finishes whilst embossing and foiling techniques can be used to highlight product features, provide key product information or simply add an additional design element.

Maxipos: A Rigid Setup Box Manufacturer with a Difference

Not just a rigid cardboard box but a powerful tool to advertise your products and draw attention to your brand, luxury box packaging is a vital marketing tool that should not be underestimated.

Though the sheer variety of packaging options can seem overwhelming to navigate through, Maxipos’ expert team can support you at every step of the way. When finding a UK-based rigid gift box wholesale supplier proves difficult, Maxipos is on hand with excellent packaging solutions to all your needs.

As a rigid box supplier, Maxipos can help you during all stages including luxury packaging design construction, specification and production. From concept to creation, you won’t have to worry about a single thing. Taking your budget and requirements into consideration, we will design the very best rigid boxes for your brand. For more information about rigid box packaging for your business and products, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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