How to Find the Best Luxury Rigid Boxes for Your Product Launch

Expected to increase by more than $100 billion in just four years, the luxury goods industry is truly thriving. Though this is great news for new and existing luxury brands across the globe, it’s apparent that, now more than ever, luxury brands have a difficult job on their hands: making each product stand out from the crowd. Considered the best packaging solution for premium products that need extra love and protection, rigid boxes are the best luxury packaging boxes on the market.

Made from sturdy materials, rigid gift boxes are up to five times stronger than normal packaging and are the best boxes for both secure shipping and presentation. With many styles and types available, rigid boxes are the perfect packaging option to showcase your premium products. One of the market’s leading suppliers of branded packaging products, Maxipos understands the meaning of the word luxury. From telescopic to hinged, book to slipcase, Maxipos will support you in finding the best luxury rigid box packaging for your product or brand launch.

How Do Luxury Products Benefit from Rigid Box

How Do Luxury Products Benefit from Rigid Box

Luxury products deserve luxury packaging. Unlike budget products, luxury brands are synonymous with a feel-good experience. From the first encounter with your brand to the moment they use the product for the first time, your products should exude luxury and class. Synonymous with the brand itself, custom rigid box packaging is the new definition of luxury.

Make Your Products Stand Out with Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes consist of two main components – the main structure that is made from chipboard, and the paper wrapping that encases it. In addition to its durability, the paper wrapping can be printed in numerous colours or embossed, as well as having different textures and finishes to truly customise your packaging.

It is, therefore, clear to see why custom rigid box packaging has become a staple branding element for all luxury retailers. Completely customisable to suit the needs of your product and precisely match the needs of your brand, rigid boxes are sure to make your product stand out amongst those of your competitors. 

Rigid boxes are not only aesthetically pleasing but contribute to the luxury experience that many customers have come to expect when buying luxury products. Unlike folding box board or corrugated boxes, rigid boxes can function as special and luxurious gifting boxes that customers keep and repurpose. When opening a luxury box, customers should feel happy, excited and proud. Not just a box but a package containing an exclusive item made especially for them, rigid boxes are a great way to create a deep, personal connection to your brand.

Enhance the Shelf-Life of Products with Rigid Box Packaging

Made with longevity in mind, rigid boxes are a great solution to keep your product attractive on shelf in store for a longer period. Rigid boxes are made from durable materials that are typically five times stronger than folded cartons and corrugated cardboard boxes. It is no surprise then, that rigid box packaging has become the most popular packaging option for luxury products. 

Types of Rigid Boxes

From rigid gift boxes with lids to slipcase and tray boxes, there are multiple types of rigid boxes available. Tailoring each product to yours and your business’s needs, rigid box suppliers like Maxipos have numerous solutions for your packaging needs.

Rigid Boxes with a Separate Base and Lid

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Rigid boxes with a separate base and lid are one of the most popular packaging options for luxury products. Also known as telescopic boxes, these boxes are used for many different products including chocolates, board games and even mobile phones. Telescopic boxes used for more expensive products – like the iPhone – are typically made with more compact measurements to allow a slow-release for a premium opening experience.

Rigid boxes with a separate base and lid are also one of the strongest types of rigid boxes due to their overlapping structure and are, therefore, the most popular option for keepsake boxes. The lid may be long enough to cover the entire base of the box or slightly shorter, covering a smaller portion of the base.

Used by brands such as Desmond & Dempsey, telescopic rigid boxes are the epitome of luxury gift boxing. With experience creating custom luxury gift boxes with bespoke designs in wholesale quantities, Maxipos is prepared to cater for all your packaging and presentation needs.

Slipcase and Tray Rigid Boxes

L'occitane en provence

Not unlike a drawer, slipcase and tray rigid boxes have a thumb hole or ribbon to pull out the inside tray and reveal the products within. Slipcase and tray rigid boxes commonly incorporate internal fitments to keep multiple products safe and secure in their own sections.

Although more expensive to produce than a standard rigid base and lid, the slipcase and tray box gives more of a gifting feel and are popular packaging solutions for beauty and cosmetic companies such as L’Occitane whose rigid boxes have been supplied by Maxipos multiple times. Often made from 1200mic white-lined greyboard with 500mic FBB fitments to hold each product in place, Maxipos tailored L’Occitane’s rigid box design to suit the products in the best way possible. 

Rigid Boxes with Hinged Lids

Rigid Boxes with Hinged Lids

Unlike telescopic boxes, rigid boxes with hinged lids have lids that are permanently attached to the base. There are many types of hinged boxes, the most popular of which include book, cigar and clamshell boxes. No matter the style of hinged box you choose, the hinged lid is always big enough to cover the base of the lid and, in most cases, has a magnetic or ribbon attachment to close the box securely and keep products safe.

As gift box manufacturers, Maxipos has worked with countless luxury brands to create bespoke, customised rigid boxes to package and present luxury products. Working with L’Occitane, Maxipos designed, made and shipped a total of 11,850 Divine rigid boxes with hinged lids to compliment a limited-edition product range.

Custom Rigid Box Packaging 

If you look around for custom rigid gift boxes in the UK, you will see the sheer variety of shapes, sizes and styles available. Designing and creating custom packaging is a time-consuming process that can be a challenge to navigate smoothly and efficiently, making the task at hand feel incredibly overwhelming. When you find the right wholesale rigid box supplier, however, sourcing packaging and presentation boxes for your marketing endeavours and product launches can be fun, exciting and inspiring.

For more information about wholesale rigid box orders, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly, experienced team here at Maxipos who can support you throughout the entire process.

Maxipos is encompassed by a team of passionate, diligent and conscientious people who love to support businesses in their marketing endeavours. Not only rigid box manufacturers but a team dedicated to understanding their client’s needs, Maxipos is the first choice for all your branded merchandise and packaging needs.

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