Williams Racing – Rigid Presentation Box

Williams Racing was founded in 1966 by Sir Frank Williams, with the team’s first historic win taking place at Silverstone in 1979.

After a severe spinal cord injury, Frank was awarded the Sports Personality of the Year Award for “outstanding achievement in the face of adversity”. His passion, vision and determination to achieve were key values he instilled within the Williams company.

After working with Williams Racing on a few different projects, they approached us to create a presentation box for their VIP guest passes. Williams wanted this to be an exciting and luxurious opening experience for their valued ticket holders so reveal panels were added to the box design.

This technique is often popular for promotional and PR boxes to give an exclusive feel to the unboxing.

Whilst sampling the final design, it was decided that UV varnish would be applied to the finish for a premium look which also showcased their iconic brand colours.

The finished boxes were delivered to Williams Racing UK warehouse within their requested timeframe and Maxipos have continued to work on various other projects for their brand.

The rigid drawer box is a staple of the luxury brand industry. It provides consumers with an easily accessible place for their product and it’s presentation, and also serves to protect the object inside, while also providing easy access.

Rigid boxes allow you to truly personalise your very own bespoke luxury packaging, for products with a higher price point or an increased fragility.

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