Beginnings – Rigid Slipcase with Cards

Beginnings is a new company whose mission is to bring families with younger children closer together through journaling and conversation. They believe that this discussion, framed as play, can have significant mental and physical health benefits which include reducing anxiety and boosting your immune system.

Beginnings asked Maxipos to help them develop their first product which is a pack of 42 vibrant cards housed in a neutral rigid slipcase.

The printing of the cards was a complex process due to the large number of artworks; there were five different CMYK background colours and four luminous pantone colours interspersed throughout the pack as illustrations.

These were produced using a 400gsm Area material to ensure they stood the test of time whilst being used by children of all ages.

The outer box was then created to house the pack of cards snuggly inside. Both of our factories worked together, not only to make sure the fit was correct, but to colour match the two shades of CMYK on the box to two of the card colours.

This was a tricky process due to the different materials and finishes on the cards and boxes which affected how each colour looked after printing; however, we worked with or trusted UK printer to ensure this met Beginnings’ expectations.