Beauty Pie is the new disruptor of the beauty industry with their innovative subscription-based members’ club. Offering luxury skincare and cosmetic ranges, their products are on par with the big brands of beauty… except there is a twist: they offer members an exclusive price which is much lower than the ‘typical’ price. Due to this business model Beauty Pie have quickly obtained a large and loyal following.

Maxipos have produced silk hair ties for Beauty Pie since 2020. In 2021 they contacted us as they were looking to produce three new colour ways of the silk scrunchies for their Christmas gifting range. Instead of packaging the hair ties in an EVA pouch as per previous years, Beauty Pie came to us with the idea of housing the six scrunchies in a bauble style box.

The bauble was created using FBB 240gsm white pearl paper which had a pearlescent shimmer. This material was chosen specifically because it created a festive glamour without needing to add any extra print finishes. The material was then printed, using vegetable-based inks, in a standout red pantone to enrich the Christmas aesthetic.

To enhance the design of their new cosmetic packaging one step further, the festive icons that were repeated across the bauble’s panels were alternatively finished with either gold Kurtz 223 foil or blind embossing.

Finally, a pantone dyed grosgrain ribbon loop was fixed to the top of the bauble so that Beauty Pie’s customers could hang it on their Christmas tree as a gift.


The clever tuck-in flaps at the heart of the packaging’s construction allowed the bauble to be assembled into its final intricate shape with ease.

This was crucial as we sent 20,000 units of the bauble packaging flat and unconstructed to our silk hair tie factory so that they could pack the hair ties and then seal the bauble before shipping the gift sets to the UK and US.



240gsm Pearl Paper

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