Tip Topp – Tasting Set Carton

Tip Topp launched in 2022 with the intention of providing exceptional alcoholic gifts for consumers. They contacted Maxipos as they were searching for a supplier who could provide high quality packaging for their mini Bourbon, Exquisite Cognac, Fresh and Floral Tequila and Fine Gin bottles.

One of the first briefs that we received was for a new and improved version of a tasting set that they had previously produced with another supplier.

Maxipos began by completely re-engineering the fitment so that the bottles were safely kept in place within the set, with no risk of moving around. The innovative fitment not only provided a lot more protection than the previous version but also gave a neater and sharper finish.

The 600-micron SBS board that was used for both the box and fitment was specifically chosen because it was the strongest board available for an FBB style box and would therefore keep the bottles from being damaged in transit.

There were four different tasting set designs, each of which were printed in CMYK to match the corresponding advent calendar that Maxipos also produced for Tip Topp.

To finish the sets, Maxipos also provided printed tasting notecards which provided further information about the alcoholic beverages, as well as tasting set labels which were applied to the back of the boxes to show the contents of the sets.