Why is Folding Carton Box Board Packaging Such a Cool Concept?

According to Tom Goodwin, Head of Futures & Insight at Publicis Groupe Worldwide, “Brands are essentially patterns of familiarity, meaning, fondness, and reassurance that exists in the minds of people.” 

Think back to your last purchase – was it an impulse buy? Or something you really needed? How was it packaged? How did opening it make you feel? How did it add to the unboxing experience? What did you feel towards the product and to the brand?

Whether it was an everyday item from your local supermarket or a more expensive purchase bought as a payday treat, it was likely contained in a well-thought-out box that appealed to you in some way. Effective product packaging draws on our emotions, compelling us to purchase the product and to connect with the brand. Packaging speaks to us in more ways than one – it provides detailed information about the product and builds a connection between the brand and consumer. 

It should come as no surprise then, that unique product packaging is highly sought after by brands and highly regarded by consumers. Versatile, eco-friendly and highly customisable, folding carton box board packaging is the go-to box for cool, customised designs and styles that do not compromise on quality.

From Door Box to Christmas Cracker and A-Frame Folding Boxes with unique printed designs and high-specification lamination, folding box board has the versatility to meet all of your cool product packaging needs. 

What is Folding Box Board?

A low grammage, virgin-fibre paperboard, folding carton box board utilises chemical pulp for low density and durability. Folding carton packaging is more rigid than paper, yet still flexible enough to be creased, curved, folded and scored, making it an excellent option for numerous retail products.

folding box board packaging

Folding box board can be printed on in several colours and can be foil blocked, embossed or debossed, allowing for unique designs and a personalised touch that is often much appreciated by prospective customers. With speedy prototyping and the option to use sustainable materials, folding carton packaging is well-loved by retailers across many industries. 

Not only durable but highly customisable, folding carton packaging is one of the most cost-effective ways to package and protect your products.

Is Folding Carton Packaging the Same as Folding Box Board Packaging?

Folding carton packaging is the parent term for a group of different boxes. The most popular types of folding carton packaging include folding box board (FBB), solid bleached board (SBB), greyboard and duplex – all of which are made from carton board. The main difference between the four types of folding carton is the type of pulp that it is made from. Carton board consists of different types of pulp, the most common of which include chemical, mechanical and recycled fibre.

Folding box board (FBB)

FBB consists of two layers of chemical pulp wrapped around several layers of mechanical pulp. Folding box board is coated with a smooth, shiny finish that is ideal for printing on and great for all types of products, including confectionaries and pharmaceuticals. 

Solid Bleached Board (SBB)

Solid bleached sulphate (SBS), also known as solid bleached board, is commonly made from bleached chemical pulp. SBB is finished with two or three layers of coating for a shiny, smooth finish.

Different Types of Folding Carton Box Board Packaging

If you’re looking for cool packaging design ideas, there is no better place to start than with folding box board packaging. With excellent printing potential and unique structural options, the possibilities are almost limitless.

There are many different types of folding carton packaging, including Door Box concepts, Clam Packs, Christmas Crackers, Shoulder boxes and A-Frame Folding boxes, among many others.

Door Box Concept

Door box concept made of folding box board

Door-style boxes are excellent examples of cool cosmetic packaging design. Styled to stand tall with authority, these folding cartons have an incredible shelf presence. Designed to open out towards you, door-style boxes add a special touch to each unboxing experience. 

L’Occitane’s door-style boxes are made to resemble a book. Designed in the style of a collection of short stories, Maxipos successfully produced a box that tells a story, looks fantastic and connects with their consumers in ways that other brands have fallen short. With a bespoke internal fitment to keep each product firmly in place, L’Occitane’s Door Box is a fantastic example of luxury product packaging.

Christmas Cracker Boxes

christmas cracker folding box packaging

Cool packaging designs are everywhere, even on your dining room table on Christmas Day. Christmas crackers are cool, fun and offer the excitement of not always knowing exactly what is inside the box – because who doesn’t love a nice little surprise? 

L’Occitane’s Christmas cracker boxes are fun, quirky and demonstrate just how customisable folding carton packaging is. More durable than paper yet more flexible than rigid boxes, FBB offers something different amongst a sea of traditional folding carton boxes. Complete with a PET PVC lid and a gold gloss lamination, L’Occitane’s Christmas crackers are guaranteed to turn heads. 

A-Frame Folding Box Board Packaging 

custom folding cartons loccitane homme boxes

The shelves are full of traditional boxes, so it’s no surprise that customers are interested when there’s something that’s slightly more unique on the shelves. 

L’Occitane’s A-Frame boxes are innovative, unusual and have a distinct shelf presence. With a crash-lock glued base, the L’Homme boxes are sturdy enough to package and protect two products. Finished with CMYK printing and matt lamination, L’Occitane’s A-Frame boxes are the perfect example of cool product packaging made on a tight budget. 

Benefits of Folding Box Board Packaging

  • Versatility: FBB has a smooth coating that can be printed on in several colours and finished with a variety of different varnishes including foil blocking and gloss, matte or UV spot lamination.
  • Low production cost: Folding cartons can be produced quickly in large numbers, making them incredibly cost-effective and great for last-minute promotional events.
  • Short production time: Speedy production rates also mean quick prototyping to speed up the time it takes to get your product made and on retail shelves.
  • Storage-friendly format: Durable yet flexible, folding box board can be flat-packed and stored compactly in your warehouse.
  • Space-saving: The storage-friendly format provides more space to store your products in and decreased shipping expenses, both when receiving your shipment from your folding box manufacturer and when shipping orders to your customers.
  • Eco-friendly: FBB can be made from sustainable, recyclable materials, making the packaging more eco-friendly and appealing to an increasingly eco-conscious consumer.
  • Unique packaging concepts: FBB allows for unique, stylish and cool product packaging concepts that do not compromise on durability nor quality.

Bespoke Folding Carton Box Board Packaging Solutions

Looking for a Folding Carton packaging solution?

Elevate your packaging game with custom folding cartons. Our expert team will help you in producing boxes to your exact specifications and budget. Contact us now to get started.

At Maxipos, we delight in combining our technical experience with your creative ideas to create cool packaging that draws attention to your products. Whether you have an initial idea or a clear vision for your bespoke packaging, we will manage the whole packaging process for you. From technical specifications, creating prototypes and finalising designs, we will create luxury product packaging that is jam-packed with meaning to draw a connection between your brand and your consumer, establishing not just a consumer but a loyal follower. 

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