Tea Packaging Design: Cost-Effective Packaging Ideas

No matter how you take it, with lashings of milk and heaps of sugar or steeped for a particular length of time, we Brits will all agree – there’s nothing quite like a cup of tea. Or should we say, there’s nothing quite like a luxury cup of tea to awaken the senses.

Our favourite luxury tea blends appeal to us in more ways than one. With a delicious flavour, a delightful aroma and a delectable shopping and unboxing experience, high-end teas are synonymous with luxury. No matter your preference – whether you opt for the convenience of a tea bag or the flavour of loose leaf, you expect the perfect, luxury brew to be packaged within a luxury retail packaging box. 

The best part is, drink packaging doesn’t have to break the bank. In recent years, folding carton boxes have become one of the most popular retail packaging boxes for luxury teas. Flexible, hard-wearing and highly customisable, folding cartons are favoured by many tea brands as a luxury product packaging option that is deluxe yet cost-effective, minimising your expenses and maximising your profit margins.

Folding Carton Boxes: Cost-Effective Packaging for Luxury Tea

Also referred to as paperboard boxes, chipboard boxes or folding cartons, folding carton packaging is everywhere. Commonly used as bespoke food packaging, you likely have several folding carton boxes in your shopping trolley during your weekly supermarket shop. 

Invented in the mid-1800s by Charles Henry Foyle by cutting paper in a way that could form a box, folding cartons have come a long way in the last 150+ years. Changed in 1879 by Robert Gair who discovered the mass production of boxes with his printing press, folding carton packaging became a practical and convenient way to package many different household items. 

Now that the machinery for folding carton production has become a staple in the warehouses of many folding carton manufacturers, folding carton production costs considerably less than other types of packaging, all while maintaining the design aspects that make it a superb option for luxury products. 

Folding cartons are made from paperboard that is cut, folded, laminated and printed before being placed on the shelves. They are lightweight, easily stackable and incredibly durable, making them one of the most practical packaging solutions for various products. 

Folding boxboard packaging is printer-friendly, making it versatile and highly customisable, allowing brands to develop eye-catching designs that make a great first impression. Businesses can also add important product information such as nutritional information, making printed cartons a great option for creative food packaging.

The versatility of printed board doesn’t stop there, though! Folding cartons can be made in different sizes and shapes to create a truly unique packaging solution that allows your product to take centre stage on a retail shelf.

Our Favourite Retail Tea Packaging Design Examples

Luxury tea packaging design can be as simple or as extravagant as you like, the only real limit with folding carton design is your imagination. The best tea and coffee packaging ideas will display your product in all its glory, appealing to customers who have never interacted with your brand before, and those loyal fans that eagerly await your next product launch.

Simple yet stylish: Prince and Sons

custom folding carton RETAIL TEA BOXES

Working with Prince and Sons to create a premium tea packaging design in which to present their luxury teas, Maxipos created a crash-lock base carton from a 450mic folding boxboard. Each box has an oval cut-out on the side to entice consumers with a sneak preview of the premium tea bags. 

Complete with silver blocking and matt lamination for a premium touch, each tea blend has a different coloured box and slightly different artwork for ease of recognition on a retail shelf.

Fun and Fruity: T2 Tea Mini Fruits

Fun and Fruity tea packaging design - T2 Tea Mini Fruits

T2’s Tea Mini Fruits are the perfect example of creative tea packaging design. Each fruit tea blend is shaped to resemble its fruity counterpart and the range includes a folded carton banana for its Banana Bake blend, a watermelon for Watermelon Sorbet, an apple for Turkish Apple and a peach for Packs a Peach. Based on the shape alone, there is little doubt that T2’s packaging will stand out from the crowd.

To accentuate its premium position in the tea market, T2’s fruit tea range is made from uncoated paperboard to highlight the organic aesthetic of the range. Reworking the T2 brand logo to resemble a fruit sticker and printed in an eye-catching gold that compliments each fruit box, T2’s attention to detail is fun yet deluxe.

Looking for a Tea packaging solution?

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Serene and sophisticated: Cha Le

Serene and sophisticated tea packaging design - Cha Le

A tea merchant based in Canada, Cha Le import premium and rare teas from China. Their branding acknowledges their links with China. The most notable example of this is their brand name, Cha Le, which is Chinese for “happy tea.”

Cha Le’s tea packaging design incorporates a further nod to their Chinese teas with a simple yet luxurious oriental design. Their printed cartons are printed with one of six delicate, hand-painted watercolours, each one symbolising the tea blend. Hints of gold are then applied across the box, from the logo to the lid, to add a final touch of luxury to the packaging.

Artful and artisanal: Melez Tea

Tea packaging design idea

With a range of artisanal teas that have been handcrafted to promote wellness, Melez opted for a packaging solution that was simple yet sophisticated.

With a simple cuboid shaped box and muted colours – yellow for Wake Up, pastel green for Balance and blue for Sleep, each packaging design is elegant and luxurious. The typography is equally refined with a traditional font and clear messaging. As well as adding a luxurious touch, the simplicity of the Melez boxes provides clear branding and product information that proves effective on a retail shelf.

More Tea Packaging Design ideas for Different types of Brands

Minimalstic Tea Packaging Design Ideas

Minimalistic tea packaging designs often rely on clean lines, simple typography, and a minimalist color palette to create an understated and elegant package.

Luxury Tea Packaging Design ideas

Luxury tea packaging designs often incorporate high-end materials, elegant typography, and intricate details to create a sense of sophistication and luxury.

Fun and Playful Tea Packaging Design ideas

Tea packaging doesn’t have to be serious — fun and playful design can help to communicate a sense of lightheartedness and playfulness. If you are interested in creating something in this style, then we recommend using whimsical illustrations, playful typography, or humorous messaging to create a fun and engaging package for you tea brand.

Traditional Tea packaging design ideas

Tea has a long history and deep cultural roots in many parts of the world, and incorporating traditional elements into packaging design can help to communicate a sense of heritage and authenticity. For a more traditional design try using traditional patterns, illustrations, or motifs to create a sense of history and culture.

Tea Packaging FAQs

The best material for tea packaging should be able to protect the tea from moisture, light, and air while also being eco-friendly and cost-effective.
One of the most popular materials for tea packaging is paper. Paper is a cost-effective option and can be easily customized to showcase branding or product information.
But the best material for tea packaging is arguably tin or aluminium. These materials provide excellent protection against light, air, and moisture and can help to preserve the quality and freshness of the tea for longer periods. Tin and aluminium are also recyclable and can be reused, making them an eco-friendly option.

Tea packaging is required to display certain information to ensure that consumers can make informed decisions about the product. The most important things that are required on tea packaging include:

  • Tea Name/Type: The name and type of tea should be clearly displayed on the packaging to help consumers understand what they are purchasing.
  • Net Weight: The net weight of the tea should be stated on the packaging, as this is required by law in many countries.
  • Ingredients: The ingredients used in the tea should be listed on the packaging, especially if the tea contains any allergens.
  • Brew Instructions: The packaging should provide instructions on how to brew the tea, including water temperature, brewing time, and serving size.
  • Manufacturer’s Information: The manufacturer’s name and address should be included on the packaging to allow consumers to contact them if necessary.
  • Best Before/Expiration Date: The packaging should display a best before or expiration date to ensure that consumers know when the tea is no longer safe to consume.

By including this information on tea packaging, manufacturers can ensure that consumers have access to important information about the product, which can help them make informed decisions and enjoy their tea safely and responsibly.

Here are the main considerations of tea packaging design:
  • Simplicity: Tea packaging design should be simple and easy to understand, with a clear message and minimal distractions. Consumers should be able to quickly identify the product and understand its features and benefits.
  • Visual Appeal: The packaging should be visually appealing and attract consumers’ attention. This can be achieved through the use of eye-catching colors, images, and typography.
  • Branding: The packaging should reflect the brand’s personality and values, and include the brand name and logo prominently. Consistency in branding across different packaging designs is also important to create a strong brand identity.
  • Functionality: The packaging should be functional and practical, with features that make it easy to use and store. For example, tea bags should be easy to open and close, and the packaging should be able to keep the tea fresh for as long as possible.
  • Legal Requirements: The packaging design should comply with legal requirements, such as displaying the net weight, country of origin, and manufacturer’s information.
  • Eco-Friendliness: In today’s environmentally conscious world, tea packaging design should take into consideration eco-friendliness. Using recyclable or biodegradable materials can appeal to consumers who prioritize sustainability.

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Versatile, durable and visually appealing to consumers, folding carton boxes are excellent packaging solutions for luxury food items. Printer-friendly, highly customisable and available in many different shapes and sizes, printed cartons are sure to draw the right attention to your products. And the best part? Folding boxboard is one of the most cost-effective packaging solutions on the market. 

One of the leading folding boxboard suppliers, Maxipos is equipped to support you at each stage of the manufacturing process. From pricing to design, Maxipos can help you create the very best branded packaging for your luxury products. If you’re looking for luxury product packaging without the luxury price, take a look through our portfolio of folding carton boxes or get in touch with Maxipos today to learn more about our luxury packaging solutions.

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