Retail Tea Boxes

With a passion for quality teas and a desire to create a unique range of tea blends, Prince and Sons have developed an outstanding tea import business over the past few years.

The blending of these ingredients into perfectly balanced, delicious teas was an exhaustive process. Many weeks were spent endlessly tweaking to get them just right. However, the final results speak for themselves and the blends are exceptional.

As a beautiful tea deserves to be beautifully presented, Prince and Sons needed a box that was as pleasing to look at as the tea is to drink. Maxipos and the founder of Prince and Sons, put a great deal of work into the design and production of their boxes. Working with a limited budget and low quantity as the brand launched, we produced twelve different artwork versions of the boxes, one for each of the different blends.

Our UK factory used a 450mic Folding Box Board material for the crash-lock base carton and an oval cut-out on the side of the box was added so that the consumer could see the tea inside. Silver foiling blocking and matt lamination was included to reflect the brand’s premium position in the marketplace. Prince and Sons continues to grow as a brand and we have completed several production runs of the boxes.