With over 75% of the population placing at least one online order each month, many businesses are faced with the dilemma of finding packaging that is not only durable but aesthetically pleasing. From letterbox flowers to coffee subscriptions, ecommerce postal boxes have become more and more versatile to cater to the growing market. 

With 33% of customers deeming a brand unprofessional when receiving their orders in poor quality or damaged packaging, it’s more important than ever that businesses choose their packaging carefully. Gone are the days of packaging your items in any old cardboard box. Nowadays, e-commerce packaging is bespoke and specially designed to protect a product and tell a brand’s story. 

As the demand for online shopping increases, online retailers are turning to printed postal boxes to cater to their packaging needs. With printed mailer boxes, businesses can provide robust yet appealing packaging that will wow your customers by delivering an unbeatable unboxing experience.

Key Features of Printed Postal Boxes

Whether you need subscription box packaging or letterbox size boxes, printed postal boxes are equipped with all the features you need from ecommerce packaging. 

Typically made from corrugated board which has a minimum of three layers for cushioning and security, printed mailer boxes are well equipped to protect your products during transit. Available in a variety of different flute sizes with a range of different design and coating options, corrugated board offers both durability and style.

The materials used are also cost-effective, allowing you to minimise your expenses while ensuring your product is well protected.

With printed postal boxes, you can choose from a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles to design the perfect packaging solution for your brand. As these materials are great for printing on, printed postal boxes are great options for bespoke packaging boxes. From engraved logos to printed patterns, custom printed mailer boxes are taking the ecommerce world by storm. 

For businesses that prefer a more luxurious box, printed postal boxes can be enhanced with inserts, dividers and integral fittings. As well as displaying your product, these add-ons will provide additional security for your products. 

What’s more, your custom ecommerce packaging can be supplied in a way that best suits you. Either flat-packed to make the most of a small picking space or fully assembled to make life easier for your workers, ecommerce boxes don’t have to be a logistical nightmare.

And the best part of all? With Maxipos, you will receive a no-obligation quote that is tailored based on the needs of your brand and your products.

4 Examples of Bespoke Packaging Boxes Our Clients Loved

With a multitude of design possibilities – from varying flute sizes to different adhesives, numerous coatings to digital or litho printing, ecommerce boxes can be customised to suit the needs of almost any online retailer.

Maxipos has worked with numerous clients over the years to create stylish yet durable packaging that makes a real statement. From large letterbox packaging to large gift boxes, your printed postal boxes are sure to deliver an exceptional unboxing experience that will not go unnoticed by your customers.

Scott Dunn’s Corrugated Mailer: secure and sophisticated

scott dunn postal shipper boxes

A luxury tour operator sending important documentation to their clientele by post, Scott Dunn’s postage boxes needed to be stylish, safe and secure. 

Using 150W/E/150W corrugated board with a peel and seal strip for security and ease, we designed a premium branded postal shipper box. Strong, sturdy and stylish, Scott Dunn’s mailer boxes offer the best of both worlds. Finished with a simple yet sophisticated monochrome finish, these postal boxes reflect Scott Dunn’s luxury position within the travel market.

These boxes are also a great example of simple yet effective large letter size postage boxes that are not only cost-effective to produce but cost-effective to send to customers. Forget sending your products in a box that is too big. With printed postal boxes, you can choose the perfect size.

Arbonne’s Postal Shipper: stylish and sustainable

eco-friendly printed postal boxes

A skincare brand with a strong focus on botanical products and principles, Arbonne requested branded ecommerce packaging that aligned with its brand values. 

Opting for a 0427 carton, Arbonne’s printed postal box is made from recyclable 180WK internally and 200KK E flute externally for strength and sustainability. The box is made with a hinged lid and tuck flap to simplify the packaging process, saving both time and money that would be spent on tape, adhesive and other safety measures to secure the package. 

Arbonne’s box is finished with a three-colour artwork in white, green and dark green and complete with a matt varnish. The final result is a printed eco-friendly corrugated postal shipper that functions as an extension of its brand.

Steel & Jelly Corrugated Postal Shipper: innovative packaging solutions

steel & jelly printed postal boxes for ecommerce products

Dedicated to embracing the nuances of contemporary and traditional British fashion, it was only right that Steel and Jelly’s packaging reflected their innovative spirit.

Needing a large box to contain larger product quantities, Steel and Jelly chose a 0427 shipper for durability during transit. Complete with a perforated opening that allows easy access, Steel and Jelly’s mailer boxes offer the ideal combination of security and practicality.

Deciding on 150K/KE recyclable flute, Steel and Jelly’s ecommerce packaging is certainly made with innovation in mind. Complete with their sophisticated branding and an overall machine varnish, Steel and Jelly’s postal shippers are simple yet sturdy.

Desmond & Dempsey Postal Shipper: luxury ecommerce packaging

custom printed postal boxes for ecommerce products

Producing luxury pyjamas that are made from the very best quality cotton for longevity, it was only right that their printed postal boxes were equally sustainable. Made from a 100% recyclable 0427 material with 200 Kraft externally and E Flute internally, Desmond and Dempsey’s ecommerce packaging is durable and eco-friendly. Printed with a white Desmond and Dempsey logo, the finished postal shipper is sophisticated and durable.

Working from a London office with limited storage space, Desmond and Demsey also take advantage of our storage solutions to save the company the stress of a cramped workspace.

Bespoke Ecommerce Packaging Solutions for Your Products

Expert e-commerce packaging manufacturers, we understand the need for sturdy and durable packaging that looks great. No longer just as simple as sending your customer their orders, your packaging should stand out from the crowd and wow your customers. 

With experience cutting, folding and corrugating boards to meet specific specifications, Maxipos will design bespoke cardboard packaging solutions that suit your packaging needs. We can also design and produce matching fitments and integrations to enhance your package and keep your products safe and secure. Catering for numerous luxury brands, we have extensive knowledge of the most effective printing and finishing techniques. 

The ultimate e-commerce packaging supplier, we can also produce packaging envelopes, mailing bags and printed tape to cater for all of your packaging needs.For more information about printed postal boxes and other popular packaging options, browse through our library of bespoke ecommerce packaging. Alternatively, reach out to our team of packaging experts who can support you with choosing a tailored packaging solution.