The beauty industry is well and truly thriving. With an army of fans and beauty lovers worldwide, it is beyond doubt that the cosmetics industry will only continue to grow in the coming years. With the average Brit spending £400 per year on cosmetics, beauty brands are keen to develop new formulations and new lines that appeal to an audience of confessed “skincare freaks.”

But there are drawbacks and limitations to constant innovation: waste. A waste of resources. A waste of money. A waste of time. That’s why cosmetic brands are looking for other ways to freshen up their product offering.

Cue cosmetic boxes and makeup packaging! With the global beauty industry expected to grow to more than $716 billion by 2025, there is no better time to revamp your cosmetic packaging with new and unique designs for cosmetics.

Trends and Innovations in Cosmetic Packaging

Magnetic Collapsible box

In the world of cosmetics, packaging design plays an important role in capturing attention, enticing consumers, and conveying brand identity. If you are in this business, then we suggest that you may know that to stay ahead in this competitive industry, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest trends and innovations in cosmetic packaging. So, let’s review some the trends.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

With an increasing emphasis on sustainability, eco-friendly packaging options have become a prominent trend in the cosmetic industry. We more often could see that brands are opting for recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable materials to reduce environmental impact. If you are still not using sustainable packaging materials, then this is something that you need to consider updating in your packaging. Your business will get good benefits from this and may expand your audience. Here is a list of some famous brands that currently are following this trend:

Minimalistic and Clean Designs

Black product carton for cosmetic product
Minimalistic Cosmetic Packaging

Less is more! The minimalist approach to packaging design has gained significant traction in recent years. Clean lines, simple typography, and uncluttered layouts exude sophistication and elegance. By embracing minimalism, you can create a timeless aesthetic that allows your product to take center stage, projecting an image of purity, quality, and modernity.

Interactive and Engaging Elements

Black and pink rigit slipcase for cosmetic brand
Rigit Slipcase

If minimalistic design isn’t a part of your product philosophy, then you can create something more complex, but engaging also. Captivating consumers’ attention is key to driving brand engagement. You can use innovative packaging techniques like pull tabs, hidden compartments, or interactive labels provide an element of surprise and delight. Also, consider incorporating augmented reality (AR) or QR codes to create immersive experiences that offer additional product information or tutorials. Blending physical and digital elements will be good for forging deeper connections with tech-savvy consumers.

Personalization and Customization

In an era where consumers crave unique experiences, personalized packaging can make your brand stand out. Customization options such as, personalized messages, or color variations allow customers to feel a sense of ownership and connection with your products. Personalization can create a memorable brand experience that improves loyalty to your brand.

Innovative Material Applications

Rigid mycelium box
Rigid Mycelium Box

If you’re looking to create something truly exceptional, consider the possibilities of experimenting with unconventional materials.  Today, there are new sustainable alternatives like mushroom-based packaging, seaweed wraps, or plant-derived inks. These three materials are gaining popularity for their biodegradability and unique textures. 

One inspiring example of a brand that embraced this trend is Mirror Water. We had the privilege of collaborating with them on a fascinating case study, supporting their vision of creating a biodegradable box. Through our partnership, we helped Mirror Water turn their eco-friendly packaging concept into a stunning reality.

What Type of Packaging is Best for Cosmetic?

From Chanel to NARS, Estee Lauder to Charlotte Tilbury, the cosmetic industry is full of luxury beauty brands. Luxury beauty brands thrive on making people look and feel good, so it’s only right that the packaging reflects this sense of indulgence.

Luxury packaging is so beneficial that even high-street brands like L’Oreal and Maybelline have adopted some luxurious brand elements, especially when it comes to product packaging. From extravagant designs to unique shapes, cosmetics packaging provides a great way for brands to connect with customers.

But when it comes to cosmetics, visual appeal is not the only element to consider. It’s important to invest in durable, sturdy packaging that is guaranteed to protect your products. As well as making it look great, of course!

Rigid box packaging is firm, sturdy and luxurious, making it an excellent option for cosmetic products. Not only highly customisable and great for stunning designs, but rigid boxes are ideal for keeping your products safe and secure. Typically five times stronger than folding cartons, rigid box packaging is the ideal combination of product protection and visual appeal. Rigid boxes are also highly customisable in terms of style, shape and size. So, no matter your requirements, rigid packaging is an ideal packaging solution for luxury beauty boxes.

There’s no doubt about it, with rigid box packaging cosmetics brands are developing luxury packaging boxes that steal the show.

Our Favourite Cosmetic Packaging Design Examples

With rigid boxes, the customisation options are almost endless. Think unique shapes, extravagant designs and great prints. From reset slipcases boxes to telescopic and hinged lid packaging, the beauty industry is making a real impact with luxury packaging.

L’Occitane’s Reset Slipcase Packaging

L’Occitane’s Reset Slipcase Packaging

Opening like a drawer to present each item, L’Occitane’s Reset Slipcase is the epitome of luxury. Finished with machine varnish, a gold foil logo and grosgrain ribbon, these luxury boxes are the perfect extension of L’Occitane’s luxury brand.

A firm and sturdy rigid box produced from 1200 mic greyboard, L’Occitane’s reset slipcase is designed with durability in mind. Complete with an internal fitment, the slipcase cosmetic box is well-equipped to keep the four products contained securely inside.

L’Occitane’s Christmas Rigid Gift Box

Rigid box for cosmetics

Unique in shape and style, L’Occitane’s round rigid box is sure to look great under the tree and on retail shelves everywhere. Printed in two colours and finished with a matt laminated logo and silver foiled lid, L’Occitane’s Christmas box is designed especially for the festive season.

Made from 1500 mic board for structural strength, L’Occitane’s rigid gift boxes are intended for long-term use. After all, what better way to make a lasting impression than to create a gift box that can be used as a keepsake item?

L’Occitane’s Divine Box

Box for cosmetics

Designed to house their Luxury Immortelle Divine Cream, L’Occitane’s divine box is a luxury beauty box with a difference. Standing tall on a shelf and opening outwards to reveal each product, the divine box catches the eye of all who pass by.

A rigid book jacket made from a 1200 mic greyboard for strength and an internal vacuum-formed tray to hold the cream in place, L’Occitane’s rigid box is luxuriously durable. Complete with 140gsm gold mirri paper for a unique and indulgent finish, the divine rigid box is a stylish and sophisticated packaging solution for cosmetic products.

L’Occitane’s Round Christmas Box

Round box for cosmetics

Expensive gifts. Numerous shopping trips. Extravagant decorations. Lavish dinners. Nothing says luxury quite like Christmas.

For L’Occitane’s annual Christmas shower gel collection, Maxipos designed a unique box to house its luxurious products. A circular rigid box with a lift-off lid, L’Occitane’s cosmetic box is the perfect package to put under your tree.

Made from 1500 mic greyboard and white art paper along with a 350gsm cardboard, L’Occitane’s rigid box is durable enough to withstand the busiest season in retail. Printed CMYK with matt lamination and gold foiling, L’Occitane’s round Christmas box is on-season and sure to make a statement during the festive season.

Glossier’s Hinged Lid Box

the Glossier’s Hinged Lid Box

Simplicity at its best, Glossier’s hinged lid box is clean yet appealing. With a pink logo printed on a white box, Glossier lets its brand name do the talking.

Inside the cosmetic box, each item is contained within a bubble wrap-style pouch that can be re-used as a makeup or beauty bag. Plus, with a subtle rigid box that can be kept as a keepsake, there’s no better way to get customers singing your praises and repeating their custom.

Miller Harris Telescopic Rigid Box

the Miller Harris Telescopic Rigid Box

A telescopic box made to house a delicate perfume bottle, Miller Harris makes a real statement. Printed with an abstract design in an array of colours, Miller Harris has nailed luxury packaging design. A hardwearing box that is guaranteed to protect its contents, these rigid boxes are the perfect example of strong and stylish packaging.

Doctor Babor’s Advent Calendar Design

the Doctor Babor’s Advent Calendar open
the Doctor Babor’s Advent Calendar closed

Launched to celebrate the brand’s 65th birthday, Doctor Babor pulled out all the stops with this cosmetic rigid box. Taking advantage of the rising popularity of advent calendars, Doctor Babor’s anniversary box is a great example of Instagram-worthy luxury cosmetic packaging.

Opening like a book to reveal numbered doors, the beauty box is the perfect branding tool to house and advertise the premium products inside. With a gold foil heart and a printed glitter-effect design, Doctor Babor’s rigid boxes stand out from the crowd.

Apothecary’s Book-Style Boxes

the Apothecary’s Book-Style Boxes

With rigid box design, the only limit is your imagination. Apothecary’s soapboxes are living testament to this. Apothecary’s boxes fold open in a unique way that sets the standard for unique packaging everywhere.

A muted purple colour with a hand-drawn ram, Apothecary’s door-style boxes are rustic in style to match the brand’s signature aesthetic. Apothecary’s boxes are premium in both style and design, setting their product offering apart from its competition.

Knesko Skin’s Luxury Gift Boxes

the Knesko Skin’s Luxury Gift Boxes

Like Glossier’s minimalistic boxes, Knesko’s luxury gift boxes are proof that beautiful packaging doesn’t have to be extravagant. Styled in a luxurious matt black, Knesko’s rigid packaging is opulent and indulgent.

Opening like a gift box to reveal Knesko’s gold eye mask under high-quality tissue paper, it should come as no surprise that Knesko’s rigid gift boxes have made it into our top 10.

Look Fantastic’s Mystery Box

the Look Fantastic’s Mystery Box

Look Fantastic’s Mystery Boxes are designed with the unboxing experience in mind. Giving no hint of what’s contained inside, Look Fantastic’s boxes build the sort of suspense and excitement that is likely to be shared on social media.

A premium gift box made in three different colours depending on the chosen package, Look Fantastic’s beauty boxes are bold yet beautiful. Printed with an illustration of four women, Look Fantastic’s rigid boxes reflect their mission to empower women with their product offering. One thing’s for sure, this Look Fantastic box is something we’d love to show off on our dressing table.

Get Expert Advice on How to Package Your Luxury Products

More than just a box, luxury cosmetic packaging helps to build an indulgent unboxing experience that makes customers feel great. With countless options for customisation, luxury rigid boxes can be truly show-stopping.

Thanks to our superb customer service and dedication to excellence, it is no surprise that we are one of the best-reviewed gift box manufacturers in the UK. No matter your requirements, we are here to help you produce the best cosmetic packaging.

Ready to find out more? Look through some of our successful rigid box projects or get in touch with our team of packaging experts to find out more about our luxury boxes.