Maria Hatzistefanis created Nip + Fab in 2010, 11 years after founding the successful sister brand Rodial, with more of an emphasis on skincare and ingredient education. Their goal has been to empower consumers with active ingredient knowledge so they can choose a range of care that suits their individual skin concerns.

Nip + Fab have developed their products and branding with this clear message in mind, meaning that this informational yet vibrant and clean style is clearly reflected through all their creations.

Maxipos have worked with Rodial across many areas of their business, creating packaging and products; this successful relationship has led to us becoming a supplier for their equally popular sister brand, Nip + Fab, who came to us when they needed to create these exciting and complicated Folding Box Board Cartons for a gift set collection.

Nip + Fab wanted to add to their cosmetic brand packaging the playful cut outs to showcase the mix of products inside, so we created fitments at the top and bottom of the cartons to make sure everything was held in place and visible to the end user.

Due to each box having a different collection of products, they all had to have bespoke created fitments. To achieve these intricate designs, we worked with one of our most trusted and knowledgeable factories who never fail to manufacture high quality and innovative packaging.

Across all the different variations, Maxipos supplied over 56,000 units for this project, arriving at their warehouse on schedule.



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