Olivanna – Rope Handle Carrier Bag

Olivanna London is a beauty and skincare brand which specialises in organic products used to promote natural beauty. Created by Janine Summers, this brand seeks to empower and bond generations of women through skincare.

In 2021, Olivanna London reached out to Maxipos to produce some high-quality cosmetic packaging gift bags to house their products.

The bags were made from 230gsm White Kraft Paper and a 17 X-felt Texture. This textured material really emphasised the luxury finish of the bags, which in turn, complimented the Olivanna London brand beautifully.

To best market their different range of products and collections, Olivanna designed two eye-catching gift bags printed in different pastel pantone colours.

Both bag designs were finished with two white cotton rope handles with knotted ends. In total Olivanna ordered 2,000 units of the bags which were equally split between the two designs.