Acetate Packaging

We have been producing acetate packaging and boxes for several years using a broad range of printing and finishing techniques to create impactful clear presentation boxes and transparent packaging for our clients, that display and protect their products.

We have factories in the UK, mainland Europe as well as China, so we can handle any type of acetate packaging enquiry in terms of volume and lead times.

Advantages of Acetate

  • Lightweight composition
  • Does not damage easily
  • Holds its shape for longer than card packaging
  • It is an extremely flexible material
  • Can be cut into a wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Ideal for producing bespoke packaging

There are a number of available materials, such as RPET, APET, PVC and PP which our factories can print, foil block or emboss to produce packaging that will reflect your brand and its position in the market.

acetate box

Material options

Below are the material options that are available to clients when considering acetate box packaging:


  • A high clarity option that provides clear and high quality print results for transparent packaging at a competitive price.

  • It is a particularly strong material that is difficult to tear.

  • Due to its flexibility, it is easy to bend to create unusual shapes if needed.

—–A good option when considering the environment as it is produced using 100% naturally occurring ingredients.


  • An eco friendly packaging option that is produced with post-consumer PET waste; depending on the material source, this can range from 30%-70%.

  • Due to its excellent clarity, high quality printing results can be achieved.

  • It remains a flexible option that is strong, providing stress resistance.


  • Extremely cost effective.

  • However, the material is not very environmentally friendly as it is difficult to recycle.

  • Not as strong as other materials but it does have good flexibility.

  • Print results can be high quality but the material can change colour if exposed to heat and UV light.

PP: (polypropylene)

  • The main advantage of PP is its weight; it is approximately 35% lighter than other materials.

  • It’s relatively ecological as it is produced without using water and produces zero harmful emissions.

  • PP is also very strong, difficult to crack and tear but is very flexible so difficult shapes can be achieved.

  • Although you can achieve excellent print results, the material is not very clear and slightly milky in appearance.

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