Trendy Luxury Packaging Design Ideas to Attract Customers

With online sales in the UK reaching the value of £693 million in 2019, there is no doubt that online shopping is here to stay. We all love the convenience of contact-free checkout and doorstep deliveries at the best of times but, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has become more popular than ever. During the past 18 months, we have been forced to become more familiar with one place in particular: the comfort of our own homes. Whether you have rekindled your love for the welcoming and comforting surroundings, or developed a sense of loathing for the same four walls you have been forced to stare at day in, day out, we all have one thing in common – an increased appreciation of the online world. 

Businesses across the globe have pushed their creative and marketing departments to the maximum in an attempt to give each customer a little touch of joy as they open their parcels. No longer just a protective shell for your products, luxury packaging boxes became one of the few comforting reminders of the outside world and a sense of normalcy. 

It is no surprise then, that businesses have designed some of the most fun and quirky boxes we have seen in quite some time. And the best news is, with Maxipos’ delectable packaging solutions, you can claim a slice of the buzz and love that is surrounding the brands that have excellent packaging for their products.

Unique luxury packaging trends in 2023: the advent calendar

advent calendar luxury packaging

So far this year, businesses have turned to custom rigid box packaging and luxury packaging design to create some real works of art. From advent calendars to unique shaped boxes, retailers are going above and beyond to impress their customers with trendy packaging that simply cannot be ignored.

With over 1.9million #adventcalendar hashtags on Instagram, advent calendars are a viral sensation. Since millennials make up approximately 31% of the 32.05million UK users on Instagram, it is easy to see why. According to Catherine Shuttleworth, CEO and founder of shopping research consultancy Savvy, “Millennials are used to having chocolate [calendars] as kids and now they are grown up they want adult ones.”

No longer just containing chocolate, advent calendars contain anything from candles to cheese, lipstick to jewellery. Take Liberty’s advent calendar, for example, which is jam-packed each year with luxury beauty goodies at a fraction of their retail price. Made from the finest materials, the Liberty advent calendar is the epitome of indulgence and a great tribute to the festive season. 

Highly customisable, rigid boxes can be printed on, foil blocked, embossed, UV finished or laminated to meet your specifications. Pair this with its hard-wearing, durable features, and rigid box packaging becomes the perfect packaging solution for an advent calendar. Maintaining its design and shape on a retail shelf throughout the hustle and bustle of the busy Christmas season while exuding style and luxury on an Instagram feed, the advent calendar is truly irresistible.

“But why should I go to so much trouble,” you ask? Businesses that think outside the box demonstrate a real passion for their products. Quirky and unique packaging solutions allow customers to connect with a brand and products in a way that inspires conversations between friends. Since there’s no marketing strategy more effective than word of mouth referrals, the real question is why not?

Examples of Rigid Box packaging designs by Maxipos

Ever-changing and evolving to meet the needs of businesses worldwide, there are countless types of rigid boxes available to choose from. To help ease the difficulty of choosing the right rigid box for your product and brand, the best rigid gift box manufacturers will work with you to find the best packaging solutions for your products. 

L’Occitane Reset Slipcase Rigid Boxes


Working with L’Occitane on a Christmas box, Maxipos produced several prototypes in different colours and styles. After seeing each sample, L’Occitane decided on a rigid slipcase and drawer box. 

Produced from 1200mic white lined greyboard and 130gsm magnosatin, the slipcase and drawer were printed in one standard colour with a machine varnish for a luxurious finish. Maxipos then added a gold foil logo and a grosgrain ribbon for a subtle festive touch. The client was highly satisfied with their high-end cosmetic packaging.

Desmond and Dempsey Gift Box

desmond and dempsey rigid gift box

Born out of Molly’s love for wearing Joel’s shirts, Molly and Joel launched Desmond and Dempsey with a real passion and inspiration for filling a need that was unmet by market offerings. The duo had their hearts set on luxury rigid gift boxes to convey the love that each of them had for their products.

Maxipos worked with Molly and Joel at each stage of the production process to create a rigid gift box with a lid that was worthy of housing the simple yet luxurious range of nightwear. Inspired by lazy Sunday mornings, each rigid box was printed CMYK with beautiful artwork that reflects the beauty of the products inside. Just like Desmond and Dempsey’s luxury range, Maxipos made each rigid box with durability in mind – made with 1500mic white lined greyboard, the final fashion packaging boxes exude luxury.

Tangle Teezer Rigid Box

Tangle Teezer Rigid Box

Setting out with a clear brief to produce a range of simple yet cost-effective point of sale (POS) products, Maxipos delivered over and above Tangle Teezer’s expectations and have now become an integral part of their business. Supplying them with the majority of their luxury packaging solutions, Maxipos have produced a wide range of promotional boxes from rigid gift boxes to presentation packages.

Creating a simple rigid base and a lid with a clear acetate window, Maxipos created a Gift box that commands the attention of consumers. Enclosed and held in place with an internal block-wall tray, the packaging is not only visually appealing but structurally sound.

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The best luxury packaging solutions are those that are on-trend, aesthetically pleasing and create a genuine connection between the brand and consumer. 

The best rigid box manufacturers make it their mission to create the very best rigid boxes that not only protect your products but meet each need to market your products effectively and successfully. 

A market-leading supplier of branded packaging since 2001, Maxipos have helped numerous clients bring their marketing strategies to life. With a passion and commitment to working client-side, Maxipos make it their mission to fully understand each client’s requirements before starting any project. 

For more information about rigid box packaging, take a look through some of the successful rigid box projects we have completed, or speak to our team of packaging experts for expert advice about our custom rigid box packaging solutions. 

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