Melt London – Foiled Kraft Carrier Bag

Melt Chocolate is an independent, family run business that was founded by Louise Nelson in 2006. Now known for making London’s most luxurious chocolates using the best ingredients in the world, Melt welcomes customers from all over the globe.

To achieve a unique approach to making chocolates, Melt have brought their kitchen to the shop. This allows customers to learn about chocolate and enjoy the intoxicating aromas whilst waiting for their own chocolates to be handmade in front of them by world class chocolatiers.

When Melt first approached Maxipos to create bespoke carrier bags for their limited-edition range of chocolates, Maxipos kept Melt’s sustainable approach to their business in mind, suggesting environmentally friendly options for their packaging.

The 140gsm white Kraft paper carrier bag with twisted paper handles that Melt decided upon was suggested by Maxipos due to it being both cost effective and recyclable, whilst also remaining a premium option.

Maxipos sourced a range of bronze foil samples for Melt to choose from for their artwork.

In the end, it was decided that our Chinese factory would produce two sizes of the Kraft carrier bag before delivering them to the UK. Overall, 6,000 units were produced across the two sizes of the carrier bag.