Desmond & Dempsey – Cotton Tote Bag with Gusset

Growing up on opposite sides of the world, Molly and Joel met in Canada before starting the Desmond & Dempsey range of premium nightwear. The brand was born out of Molly’s love for wearing Joel’s shirts which inspired them to create a womenswear nightwear brand that takes inspiration from a man’s shirt.

One of our most recent branded merchandise projects for Desmond & Dempsey involved producing a tote bag that was given to customers when they purchased an item in one of their pop-up stores in London.


The bags were made from 270gsm, 100% cotton canvas material with a large screen-print in one pantone colour printed on the front. This material not only felt premium and looked great, but was also produced from sustainably sourced material, making the tote bags environmentally friendly, strong and reusable.

The first order for the tote bag was for 1,000 units, however the bags have proved to be such a huge success with customers that Desmond & Dempsey have since made several repeat orders.