How to Use Branded E-Commerce Packaging to Encourage Repeat Business

With the UK e-commerce market set to reach £80,678 million before 2021’s end, online shopping is here to stay. But, unlike brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce businesses don’t have the option to build a touchpoint between their brand and customer.

For many customers, the delivery of your parcel will be the first physical interaction with your brand. That’s why many online stores take extra care and consideration when it comes to their e-commerce packaging. The most successful e-commerce businesses create a deep connection between their brand and customers by investing in branded e-commerce packaging and custom printed mailer boxes that delight customers. After all, the outer packaging is the first impression customers have of your brand. Why not make it stand out?

With bespoke e-commerce packaging, brands deliver an incredible customer experience that helps their business (and their products) stand out from the crowd. What better way to create a memorable experience that encourages them to purchase from your store again and again?

The Benefits of Branded E-Commerce Packaging

The benefits of branded e-commerce packaging are tenfold.

Brand ecommerce packaging delights customers and increases loyalty

Luxury e-commerce packaging is exactly that: luxury. And when receiving a luxury package, your customer is sure to be impressed. With opportunities for excellent designs and custom messaging, custom e-commerce packaging is a great opportunity to create a memorable experience that your customers will remember.

First impressions are said to last a lifetime, so branded e-commerce packaging is a great way to build a real connection with your customer. After all, it shows a great deal more attention to detail than a standard postal box that looks exactly like the rest.

Branding in packaging guarantees a competitive edge

If you’re looking for ways to make your brand more visible in an increasingly saturated market, bespoke ecommerce packaging boxes may be the solution. Unique packaging that resonates with customers also helps you to one-up your competitors by providing the very best experience for your customers. As many brands will overlook the importance of branding and packaging, investing in printed postal boxes is a great way to develop an additional unique edge to your business that will encourage customers to remain loyal to you, not your competitors.

Branded ecommerce packaging protects your products

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes: you place your first online order with a store you’ve heard great things about. You’re super excited and can’t wait to receive your parcel. The order is dispatched quickly and you arrange for someone to be in on your delivery day. Two days later, you get a text alerting you to successful delivery. You rush home after work, only to be met with a boring, beaten and bashed cardboard box. To add insult to injury, you open the package to find your product is in less than pristine condition. You’d feel incredibly disappointed, to say the least.

Standard, one-size-fits-all is not always the best option for premium brands. As well as not keeping your products safe and secure, it can take your warehouse and operations staff much longer to package with protective elements such as bubble wrap and tape. Don’t forget, these protective elements come at an additional cost too. Whereas custom e-commerce packaging is designed specifically to keep your products safe and sound.

Branded packaging increases social proof

In 2017, a Dotcomdist survey found that over 36% of respondents had watched an unboxing video. The rise in e-commerce stores has made it easier than ever before for anyone to start their own business. This has, in turn, made it increasingly difficult for consumers to find the diamonds in the rubble. Many online stores are trying to make a quick buck, and not many trying to woo their customers. Unboxing videos help to inform customers at the pre-purchase stage and, let’s face it, premium e-commerce packaging is more likely to make an impression than a wholesale box.

The good news for ecommerce brands is that bespoke branded packaging boxes have a huge impact on their social proof. How? Because influencers and customers alike are more likely to post about their experience on social media. Since user-generated content is still one of the most successful forms of marketing, brands that invest in their product packaging are more likely to experience increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Successful Examples of Branded E-Commerce Packaging

The Coffee Factory Envelope

the coffee factory branded e-commerce packaging

A coffee company with a conscience, The Coffee Factory place great emphasis on great-tasting coffee with an aim for 100% environmental accountability. That’s why it was so important for The Coffee Factory to invest in drink packaging that not only keeps their coffee fresh and safe during transit but is as environmentally friendly as could be.

To upgrade The Coffee Factory’s branding from a standard envelope, we produced a 100% recyclable box with suitable branding. With a refined printed design, these letterbox size ecommerce boxes are on-brand and all-set to establish customer loyalty.

Steel & Jelly Shipper

Steel & Jelly Shipper's branded e-commerce box

For Steel & Jelly, there is nothing more important than attention to detail. A menswear brand with a difference, Steel & Jelly merges high-quality traditional craftsmanship with contemporary values.

To build on their attention to detail and commitment to premium quality, we designed a durable and eco-friendly 150K/KE corrugated postal shipper. Combining a minimal yet stylish exterior with a floral printed interior, Steel & Jelly’s fashion packaging boxes are the best of traditional and contemporary styles, and are sure to get their customers talking!

Arbonne Postal Shipper

Arbonne's branded ecommerce box

A leader in the clean beauty movement, Arbonne’s mission is to empower people to flourish with sustainable living. With a key focus on sustaining the environment for future generations, it was only fitting that we create an eco-friendly e-commerce mailer to suit the brand’s unwavering ethos.

Producing a bespoke e-commerce box with a 180WK interior and 200KK E flute exterior, Arbonne’s e-commerce box is super sturdy to protect the brand’s range of skincare products. Complete with a three-colour printed design in white and two shades of green, Arbonne’s shipping boxes highlight the sustainable elements of their brand to wow their customers. And the best part? Arbonne’s branded e-commerce packaging is fully recyclable.

Bespoke E-Commerce Packaging Solutions for Your Products

If boosting customer loyalty and increasing repeat custom is your aim, branded e-commerce packaging is the perfect solution. Whether you need large letter size postage boxes to reduce your shipping costs or custom e-commerce packaging to set your brand apart from the competition, Maxipos has the ideal packaging options to suit your needs.

If you’re interested in branded e-commerce packaging, look no further than Maxipos. One of the best-reviewed packaging companies in the UK, we are experts in designing and producing the very best e-commerce packaging.

Take a look through our bespoke e-commerce packaging portfolio or speak to a member of our packaging experts today for more info about our luxury e-commerce packaging solutions.

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