Product Boxes

Philip Kingsley – the first person to introduce the concept of ‘hair textures’ into the industry and also coin the term ‘bad hair day’ – is the world’s leading trichologist and believes that ‘healthy hair is beautiful hair’.

As a long-standing client of Maxipos, Philip Kingsley asked us to produce three different boxes for their Flaky/ Itchy Scalp range to be sold in both their UK and US markets.

The cartons were made with Folding Box Board and an inner insert and fitment to hold the products in place. The chosen material for both the carton and fitment was 480mic Cyber XL, whilst the insert was produced from white N Flute. The cartons were then printed CMYK with two pantones and a matt varnish on the outside only.

Across the three different sizes, 3,250 units of the box were produced with our main UK factory. We continue to produce these as secondary packaging for Philip Kingsley.