Amly – Colorplan Product Boxes

Amly Botanicals is a British skincare brand founded by two friends who share a passion and love for natural beauty products. After one of them moved to the East Sussex countryside, she noticed her land was virtually untouched and discovered water running directly beneath a wild meadow. This incredible silver-rich water with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties is now the base of the Amly’s entire skincare line.

To help launch the brand, Maxipos worked with Amly to develop and produce the product packaging for the range.

The crash-lock cartons were manufactured using an uncoated Colorplan stock to give the packaging a premium look and feel. In addition, we included an N Flute internal fitment to protect the glass bottles during transit. Both components were FCS-certified and matched the brand’s environmental ethos; the pulp used in the boards is from managed forests and is fully recyclable and biodegradable as well as heavy-metal free.

Due to the uncoated nature of the Colorplan board, our UK factory used pigmented foils to achieve detailed clarity for the artwork text. Since launch, we have produced several reorders as new products have been added to the range.