E-Commerce Packaging

Every week our factories are producing e-commerce packaging for our clients, which means we have a wealth of experience in providing bespoke cardboard packaging solutions using this versatile and cost-effective material.

Corrugated packaging is utilised for an ever-expanding range of products for use during transit, whilst on display and in storage. With the growth of online shopping, corrugated board is becoming an increasingly popular material choice for packaging as clients expand their online retail offering. We now have a specialist team focusing on e-commerce boxes to help our clients find solutions that meet their needs and budget. This may take the form of custom retail packaging that can be designed and printed with specific artwork, or standard off-the-shelf products such as envelopes, book-wraps, mail boxes, twist-wraps and transit boxes.

View our successful projects below for our most recent corrugated and postal packaging work.

Luxury E-Commerce Packaging

We understand that e-commerce packaging is not as simple as just sending your customer the product they have ordered. Wrapped up in that parcel is a great opportunity to create a wow factor and promote your brand. Providing robust but attractive packaging to open at home has never been more important; 95% of the UK population shops online with 33% thinking a brand is unprofessional if they receive packaging that is poor quality or damaged. We can help ensure your product arrives safely whilst impressing your customer, giving them a positive ‘opening experience’.

Bespoke Packaging vs. Standard Products:

Developing bespoke cardboard packaging solutions is our strength and our e-commerce team will help create a tailored solution for your needs. We have a supply base of specialist corrugated manufacturers who can cut and fold corrugate to any required design and size. Fitments and inner packaging can also be custom designed, providing cushioning and protection, as well as presenting your product in a premium way when the box is opened.

Once the structural design has been defined, we can suggest the best options for branding the packaging, with different printing techniques and finishing effects.

If you don’t require tailored e-commerce packaging due to budgetary and time constraints, we offer a range of standard, off-the-shelf packaging products that provide quick and cost-effective solutions. The following products are available in a wide range of styles and sizes:

  • Book wrap packaging: an all-in-one solution with self adhesive closure and integrated tear strip for easy opening. Easy to assemble and no void fill requirement.
  • Packaging envelopes: we can supply a vast range of package envelopes including card backed, cardboard and panel wrap mailers.
  • Mailer boxes: there are multiple styles available such as large letter boxes, small parcel boxes, flat boxes and economy postal boxes.
  • Twist wrap packaging: quick and simple to assemble with adjustable height and easy to open, tear off strips, they provide buffer edge protection to reduce damage.
  • Cardboard boxes: we offer every type including single wall and double wall boxes, crash-lock boxes and postal boxes.
  • Mailing bags: a wide selection of options including tear-proof, waterproof, bubble lined for protection, lightweight and tamper proof.
  • Polythene envelopes and polybags: a quality alternative to paper or board.
  • Printed tape: we can supply various options including printed tape, polypropylene and vinyl-PVC tape as well as Duct tape and Gummed Paper tape.

Variables to be considered when choosing your postal packaging:

  • Corrugated board options: Corrugated board has a minimum of 3 layers that provides cushioning and a barrier against moisture seepage. There are a multitude of board types, flute sizes, adhesives, treatments and coatings to make sure your package is safe and secure during transit. We can help you choose the optimum material for your product which is also cost effective.
  • Branding possibilities: Printing your company logo or message on the exterior of a package is a simple way to advertise your brand. With high-quality digital or litho print, the interior of your custom retail packaging can also be printed with a full colour visual or brand message. If your budget does not allow direct print to the box, we can provide printed sticker options to help bring the box to life and display your logo.
  • Tamper proofing:  You may also want to consider tamper proofing the packaging, especially for high value products. This eliminates the need for tapes or labels using mechanisms that ensure your product arrives damage-free and without being intercepted.
  • Packing costs: Due to our experience in e-commerce packaging, we can advise how to carefully design your packaging to minimise packing times, eliminate secondary packaging and void fill, and ensure compliance with Royal Mail guidelines. We’d be happy to meet to discuss your requirements and then work with our factories to provide free prototypes for testing.
  • Storage: We can also help manage your e-commerce packaging stock. If you have limited storage, we can provide stock holding at our factories or organise Just In Time agreements, enabling you to benefit from economies of scale and secure lowest prices for the contract period.

Our experience and understanding of the choices available enables us to source the most appropriate e-commerce packaging for your needs whilst protecting your product and your pocket at the same time.

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