Ecommerce Packaging for Your Business: an alternative to a typical manufacturer

Whether you’re a retail rockstar, beauty boutique, or eco-enthusiast, Maxipos has your every packaging need covered. From eco-friendly materials to heavy-duty boxes, Maxipos is sure to be your go-to for e-commerce essentials.

An e-commerce box supplier with a high-quality global supply base, we’re on a mission to make packaging as easy as can be.

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Luxury ecommerce packaging

E-Commerce Packaging for Your Business

Whether you’re shipping from a full-on fulfilment centre or a spare bedroom at your grandma’s house (no judgement – if Gymshark’s founder can make it, so can you!), your customers deserve an unbeatable unboxing experience.

Once upon a time, we were made to feel extra special as the store’s sales assistant hand-wrapped our shiny new items that we bought when parting with our hard-earned cash. Lacking the in-person experience, serving customers online makes it difficult to deliver the painstakingly luxurious encounter that we once knew.

Serving customers from an e-commerce store can make it more difficult to achieve the feel-good factor that comes with luxuriously gift-wrapped products we’ve picked from the store. But not impossible!

With more than 8,700 chain stores closing across the UK in the first six months of 2021 alone, it’s clear that e-commerce is here to stay. Just like gift-wrapped products, e-commerce packaging is a great way to give a luxurious touch to every product you ship. With extensive opportunities for branding and custom designs, e-commerce packaging has become the go-to way to make your customers feel as satisfied with their online shopping experience as they do when shopping in-store.

Custom E-Commerce Packaging & Boxes

Custom e-commerce packaging has two purposes: to protect your products and to make them look great. Since every product and every brand is different, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to e-commerce packaging.

The minute your customer’s order leaves your warehouse, it becomes a mobile advertisement of your brand. The way it looks throughout its journey reflects the love and attention devoted to your business, brand, and customers. You only get one first impression, so make it count!

From corrugated handle boxes to postal shippersmailer envelopes to pocket envelopes, Maxipos is at the forefront of product innovation and design and is constantly on the lookout for new materials and manufacturing processes to innovate new packaging for various industries. With e-commerce expertise and experience on our side, we source the very best materials to design luxury e-commerce packaging that suits your brand and your products, making your customers fall in love.

What Makes Us Different

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Instead of working exclusively with one manufacturer, we go to great lengths to identify several specialist suppliers with premium products and competitive pricing. Enjoying good working relationships with countless suppliers worldwide, we shoulder the hard work so that you don’t have to. 

Working to identify the most competitive prices at the best lead times, we take pride in our ability to offer a client-focused service that boasts efficient responses to enquiries, detailed information, and project management from start to finish with a single point of contact.

An e-commerce packaging company with suppliers around the globe, we take the effort out of sourcing the best packaging for your e-commerce business. Working with some of the very best e-commerce packaging manufacturers worldwide, we guarantee competitive pricing and unrivalled packaging solutions.


Taking it upon ourselves to write briefs, manage communication, collate prices and samples, it’s never been easier to work with e-commerce boxes manufacturers for your business. Saving you time, energy and money, you’ll be able to maintain focus on your business while we navigate the complexities on your behalf.

You’ve Found Your E-Commerce Packaging Partner

Make packaging easy with an e-commerce packaging company that partners with you on all the important things. An e-commerce boxes supplier with a difference, Maxipos provides the best packaging solutions at the best prices.

With a range of specialist e-commerce packaging factories on our supply base, we propose your requirements on a competitive tender process to identify the best rates for the best quality e-commerce packaging.

Working closely with e-commerce boxes manufacturers to design and produce custom packaging to your exact specifications, we streamline the process to take the pressure off your shoulders. From concept to delivery, we provide unrivalled customer service to identify your requirements, develop quality relationships, achieve clear deliverables and present premium packaging solutions.

With a tried-and-tested service that delivers fantastic results every time, Maxipos helps to save your precious time and money, allowing you to invest it where it matters most: back into your business.

Constantly on the lookout for the latest packaging innovations from eco-friendly fabrics to printing technologies, we’re armed with the knowledge to identify the best materials and options for your e-commerce needs.

Working with various e-commerce boxes manufacturers, we’ll supply the best packaging solutions without the hassle. The proof’s in the packaging. Take a look through our portfolio of work here.


Packaging Supplier to the Top E-Commerce Businesses

With experience working with some of the biggest e-commerce businesses in the UK, we know what it takes to deliver e-commerce packaging that works. From innovative designs to eco-conscious materials, we unlock the world of custom e-commerce packaging at competitive rates with unrivalled quality.

Partnering with an e-commerce packaging company has endless benefits for your business. With valuable experience managing your packaging from start to finish, we’ll identify the best e-commerce packaging manufacturers to design and produce the best luxury e-commerce packaging boxes for your business. 

From beauty to fashion; jewellery to travel, Maxipos has the connections, skills and knowledge you need to make custom packaging procurement as easy as can be. Managing the entire process from enquiry to delivery, you’ll have the ultimate peace of mind knowing that you’re in the very best hands.

Dedicated to being and delivering the best, we’ve established key partnerships with specialist e-commerce packaging manufacturers across the globe to guarantee unique product offerings without the stress.

From great prices to exceptional customer service, Maxipos has you covered. An e-commerce packaging company based in the UK, we deliver packaging solutions that enable you to succeed in the world of e-commerce.  

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