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You might be asking yourself how important point of sale displays now are in the retail environment. After all, we are in the digital age and consumers are increasingly making their purchases online and discovering new products via social media. However, recent studies suggest that 70% of new product awareness is the result of in-store marketing and point-of-sale displays are a crucial element of this. POS displays put brands, their offers and the consumer together at the location and time when decisions are made. It has also been shown that promotional offers yield a greater increase in sales when backed by point-of-sale displays.

So POS displays are crucial to the success of a campaign and can inspire impulse purchases but they must be carefully conceived. Your displays should grab the attention of consumers, ensure that your product stands out from the crowd and clearly transmit both your promotional message and brand values.

POS Displays from Maxipos

At Maxipos we can guarantee that your point of sale displays perfectly showcase your products and effectively drive sales during your important promotions. We have produced a range of stunning displays for many leading global brands and these have included product glorifiers, floor standing and counter top display units, mobiles, stocker units, posters and banners. Using visuals, light, sound and movement we can create displays that make all the difference and which will ensure that your brand is noticed amidst the noise of competing products and remembered when others are passed over.

We can work with your existing designs, produce displays from your detailed brief or help to evolve innovative new concepts for any type of display unit using our design inspiration. We work to create displays which are practical for retailers to accommodate. We can fashion striking displays in a variety of materials including acrylics, metals and woods using our tried and trusted manufacturers. Once a design has been agreed we supply prototypes for your approval before overseeing the production process and arranging for your marketing materials to be delivered on time.

Whether you are looking to increase brand visibility, to showcase new products and collections or to highlight special and seasonal promotions, we can work with you to create the POS displays that will contribute to a successful campaign. We are able to offer expertise in the production of both temporary and permanent point of sale displays.

Please see below for a selection of case studies in the temporary and permanent point of sale sectors.

Tangle Teezer

Using a variety of materials we can produce a wide range of temporary point of sale displays including card units, counter top and floor standing units, hanging mobiles, show cards, floor cubes, posters and banners. We can manage the entire production process from concept to delivery and we ensure that brand consistency is maintained across a range of displays.
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We can reproduce your existing units or provide design inspiration for new pieces. From line drawings through prototype development to production and delivery, we can efficiently manage the manufacture of bespoke point of sale displays. Using vacuum forming, injection moulding and acrylic fabrication we create permanent displays that get your brand noticed in store.
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Tangle Teezer
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